Mimesis Srl


Mimesis is an innovative start-up, founded in 2020 as a spinoff of the University of Catania, which offers to the biomedical industry and pharmaceutical companies the first generation of in Silico solutions. These are computational models that can replicate the behaviour of the human immune system, and can simulate its responses both in the presence of viruses, bacteria, tumours and auto-immune diseases, and in the presence of pharmacological therapies: this way, the time and costs of research and drug development are considerably reduced.

The Universal Immune System Simulator (UISS) is the main product produced by Mimesis: thanks to the use of virtual patients, the framework simulates the effects of a given therapy on the immune system, thus reducing the risk of possible side effects and predicting its effectiveness even before its implementation.

As part of the in Silico World project (HORIZON 2020), Mimesis is committed to reducing regulatory barriers in the adoption of in Silico models. Furthermore, the company cares about ethics: the solutions adopted do not require the use of any humans, leading to a reduction in the number of patients participating in in vivo clinical trials.

Mimesis is the result of more than twenty years of research by its partners. The founding partners, Prof. Francesco Pappalardo and Dr. Giulia Russo, together with the other members, tirelessly carry on the research work, making Mimesis one of the most important start-up in the health sector.