ImmunoServ Ltd


ImmunoServ provides bespoke immunology-focused laboratory services and products to deliver high quality data for industrial or academic partners. ImmunoServ’s services include: COVID-19 Immunity Testing – Measuring SARS-CoV-2 T cell and antibody responses to address the COVID-19 pandemic; Multiplex ImmunoAssay Analysis; ELISpot; Flow Cytometry; and ELISA analysis services. ImmunoServ’s products include: At Home Blood Collection Kits; and whole blood T cell immunity test kits. ImmunoServ has an active research and development programme including the development of novel T cell assays for infectious diseases such as flu, autoimmunity, and cancer. We are keen to partner with the best in the field to accelerate innovation and to bring products and services to market, thereby improving the health and lives of the general public.