Iaso Therapeutics, Inc.


Iaso has developed a novel self-assembled mutant Qβ (mQβ) bacteriophage capsid protein. The mQβ platform is an exciting new carrier for conjugate vaccines, providing an attractive alternative to current carriers. Also, mQβ carriers are associated with reduced antibody generation against the carrier while retaining the ability to elicit high levels of anti-antigen IgG antibodies compared to wild type Qβ. In head-to-head comparison studies, mQβ can induce a 3-10-fold higher IgG antibody titer when compared to CRM‑197 or keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), respectively. Both are benchmark carrier proteins commonly utilized as a carrier moieties in vaccine studies. The mQβ carriers are a platform technology suitable for developing various vaccines.