Global Malaria Vaccines GmbH


Global Malaria Vaccines GmbH (GMV) is a Berlin-based company focused on malaria control and ultimate eradication through vaccination. We are solving the challenges of large scale and low-cost industrialization of new malaria vaccines, targeting both major malaria species. GMV seeks to accelerate the development of new vaccines against malaria with a particular focus on vaccines that will aid elimination and eradication campaigns. Our staff have experience in the management and conduct of vaccine development projects. In addition, we undertake horizon scanning for early awareness and potential access to new technologies, help partners with commercialisation opportunities, and help develop business cases for new investment. Our strengths lie in technology transfer from the lab to a GMP or industrial environment, and in vaccine development, including hands-on management and support for researchers so that their inventions can be seamlessly translated to clinical testing. GMV also supports the development of vaccine candidates through preclinical, CMC, clinical, and regulatory challenges.  In addition, we provide freedom-to-operate analyses and surveillance of the IP landscape surrounding key technologies. We also benefit from a significant network of trusted CDMOs, CROs, raw material and equipment providers, key opinion leaders, and consultants, which we make available to support our partners’ aims.