Eurofins BioPharma Services


With over 35 years of experience, the Eurofins Vaccine Development Services comprehensive capabilities supports vaccine development programs from pre-clinical to human pharmacology studies [phase I trials], therapeutics exploratory studies [phase II], clinical vaccine efficacy and safety studies [phase III] and post authorization surveillance studies [phase IV]. With large sample numbers distributed over many locations, a need for expert global logistics support to maintain specimen integrity, quick turnaround time of results and the necessity for globally combinable data, Eurofins is your go-to partner to support your global Vaccine Development programs.

Complex innovative clinical trial designs require an integrated synergetic approach to assess novel drug compounds for safety and effectiveness which often span esoteric, regulated and safety outcomes in all phases of the drug development life-cycle.

The companies of Eurofins BioPharma Services provide a seamless solutions-based approach in support of phase I to IV clinical trials with a unique analytical testing portfolio for Central Laboratory Services, Bioanalytical Services and complex Biomarker Assay Development and Testing Services.