ConserV Bioscience Ltd


ConserV Bioscience Ltd. (Oxfordshire, UK) is a vaccine company focused on advancing safe and effective vaccines against endemic and emergent pathogens. Our vaccines aim at providing broad-spectrum protection against highly mutable pathogens.

We select antigens for our vaccines by first identifying highly conserved regions of the pathogen proteins. By discarding regions susceptible to change, we can develop vaccines which will provide long-lasting protection against current and emergent pathogen strains.

Next, we predict reactive T-cell epitopes using our in silico proprietary platform. The combination of conservation and epitope reactivity data facilitates selection of candidate antigens which are formulated and delivered either as subunit peptide, mRNA, DNA, etc.

To date, our approach has consistently generated clinical vaccine candidates which have demonstrated safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy at preclinical and clinical stages. Our pipeline includes FLU-v, a broad-spectrum influenza vaccine (Phase III), AGS-v, a broad-spectrum vaccine against mosquito-borne diseases (Phase II), HIV-v, a vaccine against HIV virus (phase II), and several pre-clinical candidates (pan-coronavirus, rotavirus, Hepatitis B and C, Chagas, Zika and Chikungunya).