Biotome Pty Ltd


Biotome Pty Ltd was started in 2017 in Perth, Australia, based on the discovery of precision immunology markers that identify high risk of gastric cancer development.

The human immune system is incredibly accurate and precise, like a high-resolution camera.
In conventional antibody-tests / serology tests, large protein targets can capture hundreds of different antibodies, blurring the details of the immune response. Biotome's precision immunology approach targets specific antibodies using small, precise pieces of proteins (i.e. peptides).

Our next-generation antibody tests surpass current antibody screening with enhanced precision and more detailed disease information. We discover peptides that target the specific antibodies associated with a disease, unlocking the high resolution of the immune system. In addition to high precision, the benefit of our approach is that the markers can be patented for use in diagnostics.

Our most progressed project is Helitope® – a simple blood test for gastric cancer risk screening and prevention.
Next year, more than one million people around the world will be diagnosed with stomach cancer. Despite treatment, more than half will die less than two years later. Unlike other cancers, most gastric cancers could be prevented by detecting and treating their most significant cause: infection with high-risk variants of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. At Biotome, we are now looking for a suitable large diagnostic partner with the capacity to market the Helitope test.

In addition to our Helitope project, we are also collaborating with several academic research groups to develop diagnostics to other diseases to which our precision serology approach will add value.