AilseVax Ltd; Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Technologies

AilseVax is developing new approaches for the development of cancer vaccines that have broad applicability to specific patient populations. This is in contrast to other cancer vaccine approaches in which bespoke cancer vaccines are developed for individual patients, which is both costly and time-consuming.  The core technology of AilseVax is our AltRNA8V™ antigen discovery engine, which aims to exploit the untapped antigenic potential encoded in tumour-specific mRNAs. In addition, to enhance the immunogenicity of new cancer antigens identified from our AltRNA8V™ platform (and indeed other cancer and non-cancer antigens), we have developed an exciting new approach to enhance antigen presentation using ASET™ (Antigen to Surface Enhancement Technology), which is an antigen presentation boosting technology that is adapted specifically for RNA-based vaccines.

At the World Vaccine Congress, we are exploring potential seed/early-stage investors and strategic partnerships to develop our therapeutic vaccine technologies. Our goals are to:
  1. Meet with Pharma and Biotech companies interested in our AltRNA8V™ antigen discovery platform.
  2. Explore potential partners for our ASET™ surface presentation technology.

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Paul G. Kerr PhD
Cancer Vaccine Discovery & Delivery