Workshop 4 - The Evolution of RNA Technology

The Evolution of RNA Technology Workshop, Monday 16 October 2023

Panel discussion
The Evolution of RNA Technology Workshop

WORKSHOP: The Evolution of RNA Technology [OFFSITE]

Pre-congress day workshops are OFFSITE at the Alexandre Hotel Fira Congress

The Evolution of RNA

13:00 Panel: How does RNA compare to the other technology platforms?

  • The importance of having multiple platform technologies - viral vectors, toxoid, subunit, inactivated.
  • Which diseases does it make sense to pursue RNA for and which diseases does it not?
  • Can we apply newer technologies to older concepts and platforms in order to revive their use & interest?

Moderator: Hansilla Alaigh, Head of Alliances & Business Operations, Sequris CSL

Prof Jeffrey W. Almond, FMedSci. Visiting Professor of Microbiology, University of Oxford

Pierre Cote, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation Management, mRNA centre of excellence, Sanofi

Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi, Co-Director of Texas Children’s Hospital for Vaccine Development, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr Robbert van der Most, VP, Translational Science, BioNTech


14:00 Panel: How are we improving RNA vaccine technology?

  • Next generation RNA modalities
  • Development of phospholipid nanoparticles and alternative formulations
  • Understanding durability of immune response
  • Adjuvants for RNA
  • Broadening applicable disease targets

Moderator: Prof Jeffrey W. Almond, FMedSci. Visiting Professor of Microbiology, University of Oxford

Dr Andreas Kuhn, SVP, RNA Biochemistry & CMC Development, BioNTech

Dr Jacqueline Miller, SVP, Therapeutic Area Head - Infectious Disease Development, Moderna

Dr Sudha Chivukula, AVP, Head of Discovery Biology, mRNA Centre of Excellence, Sanofi

Dr Dennis Christensen, Head of Global Research & Development Adjuvant Systems, CRODA


15:00 Panel: What are the remaining challenges for RNA technology? 

  • Overcoming challenges with manufacturing RNA and cold chain requirements.
  • Is RNA compatible with alternative delivery?
  • Cost of RNA, global health & access
  • Beyond COVID: launching new products and exploring the potential of RNA.

Moderator: Anjalee Khemlani, Senior Reporter, Yahoo! Finance

Dr Alexander Zehnder, CEO, CureVac

Dr Ole F. Olesen, Executive Director, European Vaccine Initiative

Dr Erin Spiegel, Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, PharmaJet

Dr Els Torreele, Visiting Fellow, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL

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