Workshop 2 - Biothreats & Disease X

Biothreats & Disease X Workshop, Monday 16 October 2023

Panel discussion
Biothreats & Disease X Workshop

WORKSHOP: Biothreats and Disease X [OFFSITE]

Pre-congress day workshops are OFFSITE at the Alexandre Hotel Fira Congress

Biothreats and Disease X

10:00 Workshop leader opening remarks


Dr Joris Vandeputte, Former President, IABS, President, VacciM


09:10 Panel: Transboundary collaboration and working towards One Health to prepare for the next pandemic

  • How to facilitate and encourage collaboration between human and animal health.
  • Importance of One Health in preparing for future pandemic threats.

Moderator: Dr Joris Vandeputte, Former President, IABS, President, VacciM

Dr Ab Osterhaus, Director, Research Centre for Emerging Infections & Zoonoses, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover


Dr Rino Rappuoli, Scientific Director, Fondazione Biotecnopolo di Siena

Professor Bryan Charleston, Director and CEO, Pirbright Institute

Professor Jonathan Heeney, Professor of Comparative Pathology, Head of the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics, University of Cambridge, CEO, DIOSynVax


10:10 Biothreats and controlling infectious disease outbreaks in animals

Dr Javier Yugueros-Marcos, Head of Antibiotic Resistance and Veterinary Products, WOAH


10:30 Early computational detection of potential high-risk SARS-CoV-2 variants

Alexander Muik, Senior Director Immuomodulators, BioNTech  


10:50 Meeting the challenge of vaccine security for foot-and-mouth disease

David Mackay, FAST Vaccine Prequalification Team, European Commission for Control of Foot and Mouth Disease


11:10 European biodefence strategy


Dr Wolfgang Philipp, Head, Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Innovation Unit (HERA), European Commission


11:30 How prepared are we to achieve the 100 day goal in response to Disease X?

Dr Nina Wressnigg, Head of Clinical Development Science, CEPI

Jonathan Heeney, Chief Executive Officer, DIOSynVax Limited
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