Pre-Clinical to Clinical Trials Track



As new technologies and personalized vaccines become the norm, the dynamic of clinical trials has to evolve.

This focused clinical development conference will allow you to showcase your services to those who are looking to run new trial models, need support in choosing and gaining approval for different clinical endpoints and want to understand how to get the best out of the information collected.



Who Sponsors?



• CROs
• OEMs / Equipment Manufacturers
• Platform Technology Providers
• Big Pharma
• Biotechs

Who Attends



• Pharma
• Biotechs
• National and International Government
• Academics And Research Institutions

Job Titles



• CMO / Head of Scientific Affairs
• Head of (Pre-) Clinical Development
• Head of Clinical Trial Management / Operations
• Head of R&D





Clinical Development, Tuesday 30 October 2018

Opening Plenary Session

Dr Martin Friede

Short morning break followed by session tracks

Clinical Development

Clinical Development

Dr Koert Stittelaar
Clinical Development

Building further on Viroclinics Ferret model with novel insights: Transmission of HRSV in Immunocompromised ferrets

  • Demonstration of efficient transmission of human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) from immunocompromised ferrets to both immunocompromised and immunocompetent ferrets.
  • Research findings were collected by applying several assays including Sequencing, PCR, Virus Culture/Titration. Furthermore, histo pathological changes of respiratory tissues from donor and contact ferrets were demonstrated by standard and immunohistochemistry.
  • A high transmission rate of HRSV was found and more …
Dr Darin Seehafer
Clinical Development

The role of medical informatics in vaccine program design


Morning Networking Break

Claire Nguyen Le
Clinical Development

APAC vaccine trials: Challenges and successes – Our experience

Senior representative, Syneos Health
Sarah Gilbert
Clinical Development

Clinical development of emerging pathogen vaccines using adenoviral vector platform technology


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Prof Robert Read
Clinical Development

A human challenge model of Bordetella pertussis infection, for the testing of novel whooping cough vaccines

Dr Michael Makanga
Clinical Development

Capacity for vaccine trials in emerging countries; the African context

Chair closing remarks of day one followed by Drinks Reception

last published: 26/Oct/18 13:55

Clinical Development, Wednesday 31 October 2018


Morning Networking Break


Afternoon Networking Lunch


Dr Giovanna Zanoni
Dr Helen Bright

Flumist vaccine effectiveness – It’s return and the real story

  • Questions over the effectiveness of the live attenuated vaccine
  • Why it lost its recommendation
  • The journey, investigation and trial data to rectify this
Dr Rino Rappuoli

Closing plenary: The future of vaccinology: Incorporating bioinformatics, omics and structural vaccinology into vaccine design

  • The Human Immunologic Setpoint: Baseline immune status predicts vaccine response
  • A bottleneck for all, the ability to manage and analyze in an integrative with all the data that is generated
  • interpreting everything into something meaningful

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress

last published: 26/Oct/18 13:55

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