Oct 28th Pre-Congress Workshops


Dr Elzo Kannekens
Ariane Mccabe

Workshop B: Vaccine Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

The market for vaccines is more complex than most and there are many definitions of what constitutes a healthy market – one that ensures sustainable, sufficient, relevant, predictable supply to meet demand. There are a complex, interconnected set of factors that together comprise the market place, including the regulatory environment, the incentives or disincentives for investing in new innovation and R&D, how the value of vaccines are assessed, the procurement of vaccines, as well as the infrastructure for delivery of and access to vaccines. How global, regional, and national stakeholders, including government authorities, multi-laterals, NGOs, and industry, make decisions and act in the marketplace can determine the health or the fragility of the vaccine market in the short and long-term. This session will explore what we mean by a healthy vaccine market, the various factors that comprise the market, and factors that can enable or impede a healthy market.
  • Overview of global vaccine market and describing the characteristics of a healthy market (review of current frameworks)
  • Insights from the introduction of new vaccines and strategies that have been leveraged to encourage sustainable, sufficient, relevant, predictable supply to meet demand – what’s worked and what hasn’t in different contexts, including LMICs
  • Opportunities for greater collaboration across stakeholders, including industry, to think holistically about vaccine markets and address key challenges that undermine the health of the market

Networking Lunch Break


Dr Hans Nauwynck

Workshop C: Active & passive immunity: How do we induce maternal immunisation in human and animals?

Maternal immunity plays a pivotal role in human & animal health, but what do we understand?Is the veterinary vaccine industry more advanced than human? What can we learn from each other to move the field forward?

Placental antibody transfer: protecting infants against respiratory diseases Where are we with respiratory vaccines and maternal immunity?Protection of neonates and infants by maternal immunizationColostral and lactogenic immunity against viral diseases in pigs - how to protect the offspring by immunisation of the motherTransfer of maternal immunity from a swine perspective
Dr Paolo Nuciforo

Workshop D: Improvement of cancer patient treatment outcomes: Using liquid biopsies & novel biomarkers for predicting prognosis and response

Join this workshop to learn about new and emerging biomarkers, and discuss how to overcome the limitations of liquid biopsiesBiomarker Strategy
  • Using a proteomic approach to identify new biomarkers for risk detection and response to therapy
  • Developing and implementing biomarker strategies into early clinical trial designs
  • Emerging Biomarkers: Microbiome
  • Liquid biopsy for what purpose? Relapse? Prediction purposes?
  • -Insight into use of liquid biopsy in solid tumours
  • Application of liquid biopsies in haematological malignancies
  • Circulating cancer biomarkers, what can we do?

End of Workshops and Welcome Drinks

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