Anti-Microbial Resistance



The impact of rising resistance has made the development of effective vaccines against otherwise lethal bacterial infections paramount. 

While efforts towards developing new and effective antibiotics will take a number of years, vaccines could provide the immunity that could help us in catching up with the arms race.

For the third year running, we’re dedicating an entire day to AMR sessions, planned together with Dr Jan T Poolman, Head Bacterial Vaccine Discovery and Early Development at Janssen and Dr Kathrin Jansen, VP, CSO Bacterial Vaccines at Pfizer to cover the role of vaccines, public awareness and industry in preventing a further AMR crisis.

Who Sponsors?



This is a prime opportunity for specialists in oncology from:

  • CROs and Pre-Clinical CROs 
  • Drug Discovery, Collaborative Data, Registries, Translational Science and Academia/Research Institutes 
  • Consultants (Reg/Mkt Access/Comm) 
  • Biopharma, Biotech, Biofilm 
  • Molecular Diagnostics, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Antimicrobial testing labs
  • Bioinformatics, bioanalytics, biodata tech, biosimulation
  • Stewardship 
  • CMOs, Equipment, consumables

Who Attends



  • Pharma 
  • Biotech
  • Government
  • Academia & Research Institutions 
  • Public Agencies & Associations 

Job Titles



  • CEO
  • Chief/VP of R&D
  • Head, SVP, VP, Director of: Infectious Diseases 
  • President, Global Development
  • VP, Clinical Development
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • VP of Microbiology
  • VP of Antibacterial, Antibiotic
  • Principal Investigators
  • Scientists 
  • Strategic Alliance
  • Alliance/Partnership Development
  • VP of Microbiology




Anti-Microbial Resistance, Tuesday 30 October 2018

Opening Plenary Session

Dr Todd Black

Keynote: The role of vaccines, public awareness and industry in preventing further AMR

  • How critical is the risk?
  • Vaccines can’t do it alone – How can we reduce the development of drug resistance?
  • Increasing investment in R&D that meets global public health needs
  • The need for a holistic and collaborative strategy including cross species considerations
Lord Jim O'Neill, Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester & author of AMR review UK, The University of Manchester

Short morning break followed by session tracks

Anti-Microbial Resistance

Fighting Anti-Microbial Resistance

Professor Mark Wilcox
Anti-Microbial Resistance

What can we do to manage AMR? MRSA, C.diff and E.coli control efforts including Abx practices

Dr Elizabeth Klemm
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Opportunities and challenges for developing vaccines to tackle AMR


Morning Networking Break

Prof Marc Bonten
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Why and how the Netherlands maintain one of the lowest AMR rates? What bugs can be stopped by vaccines and which likely are more difficult

Dr Anthony Simon Lynch
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Phasing out broad spectrum antimicrobial use: issues, challenges and potential paths forward?

The current unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics results in both microbiome dysbiosis-related health issues and the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistance traits – and therein set-up the anticipated role of pathogen-targeted antibiotics and antibacterial vaccines in limiting the future emergence and spread of AMR
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Viral vaccines RSV & influenza: The mis-use of Abx in respiratory infections


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Prof Ron Dagan
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Reduction of otitis by pneumococcal conjugates

Prof Mark Hatherill
Anti-Microbial Resistance

TB, A global problem: One of the biggest bacterial disease burden

Prof Mark Hatherill, Professor, S.A. Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative
Dr Man Wah Tan
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Antibody–Antibiotic Conjugates: A Novel Therapeutic Platform against Bacterial Infections

Dr Annaliesa Anderson
Anti-Microbial Resistance

Progress towards developing a prophylactic Vaccine for the prevention of Clostridium difficile infections

Chair closing remarks of day one followed by Drinks Reception

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Anti-Microbial Resistance, Wednesday 31 October 2018


Morning Networking Break


Afternoon Networking Lunch


Fred Zepp

Status of vaccine confidence around the world

  • Social and political factors that can affect uptake of vaccines
  • How can we better educate the public the benefits of immunisation?
  • How can public health institutions, government and vaccine developers help with building a coherent story
  • AEFI surveillance and risk communication
  • Are we overlooking the power of social media?
Professor Hanna Nohynek, Deputy Director, National Institute for Health and Welfare
Dr Helen Bright

Flumist vaccine effectiveness – It’s return and the real story

  • Questions over the effectiveness of the live attenuated vaccine
  • Why it lost its recommendation
  • The journey, investigation and trial data to rectify this
Dr Helen Bright, Head, Team of Cell and Molecular Biologics, MedImmune
Dr Rino Rappuoli

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress

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