SOM Biotech

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SOM Biotech is a Clinical-stage Biopharmaceutical Company focused on re-innovation of drugs for Orphan Diseases. We are applying Artificial Intelligence-Based Technology to transform existing medicines and bring solutions to patients with high unmet medical needs faster. SOM Biotech has carried out more than 50 re-innovation projects and has implemented 14 preclinical programs. Currently, one of the products of SOM Biotech is in Phase 2 clinical concept test for the treatment of chorea related to Huntington’s disease (product SOM3355).  Another is about to enter Phase 2 for the treatment and prevention of Adrenoleukodystrophy (SOM1201 product).
Other clear examples of the success of SOM Biotech is SOM0226 program for TTR Amyloidosis, a project already tested in humans and licensed to an international company based in New York, as well as the exclusive and worldwide license of the compound SOM0777 for the treatment of certain brain cancers with the company based in Singapore.