Ikris Pharma Network

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Ikris Pharma Network (IPN) is a fast growing global pharmaceutical consultancy and service company based in India having a unique business model dedicated to delivering hard to access/unapproved medicines through Named Patient Import Program/ Managed Access Program in Asian countries. We have a network which can operate efficiently in a complex regulatory environment and ensure 100% legal compliance to deliver such lifesaving medicines to the patients / Hospitals . We have our own setup in Belgium which works as our sourcing office.  We work under EU compliant SOPs having EU GDP certificate from Belgian Federal Agency for medicines and health products . We have extensive network of top KOLs present in India and have a professional team who help Patients / HCP’s & Physicians to access drugs which are not available in the home country . 


Currently we have exclusive distributor partnerships with a number of American & European Rare Disease companies such as 

 Sarepta Therapeutics, Recordati Rare disease,  PTC Therapeutics, BioMarin  Pharmaceuticals.