Tom Pulles, MD | VP, Head of Medical Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Europe
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tom Pulles, MD, VP, Head of Medical Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Europe, Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tom is a strategic, high-performance medical leader within the Biopharmaceutical environment with experience in Global & Regional Medical Affairs & Strategy, Medical Education, Evidence Generation, Patient Advocacy & Engagement, of which more than a decade in Rare Diseases. He is a business minded, dynamic and strategic team leader & player with a strong sense of purpose, having progressed through companies such as Sanofi, Shire and Ultragenyx.
Tom studied Medicine in the Netherlands and joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2002. In Jan 2011, he moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland when started working for Shire. He was there for about a year in Hematology and Nephrology before moving across internally to rare diseases. Tom continues to work in rare diseases today and it is something he is really passionate about.
On May 15th 2024 he started his new position as Head of Medical Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Europe, with Acadia Pharmaceuticals GmbH in Switzerland, a company currently focused on Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disease with no approved treatments in Europe.


Day 2 - Thursday 24 October @ 15:25

Public-Private partnerships to accelerate development and boost innovation in Rare Diseases

Day 3 - Friday 25th October @ 11:40

Transitioning from US coordinated clinical trials to commercialization in Europe – Considerations and learnings

-Clinical diversity in rare trials

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