Dr Renato Dellamano | President
Medical Marketing Economics

Dr Renato Dellamano, President, Medical Marketing Economics

Dr. Dellamano, founder and President of ValueVector, was Head of Strategic Pricing at the global Headquarters of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Hoffmann-La Roche from 1996 to 2003. Before heading the Strategic Pricing function at Hoffmann-La Roche, Dr. Dellamano served as Global Controller of the Pharma Division of the same company. He has also held senior managerial positions at the Italian affiliate of Roche, where he headed the Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Pricing and Reimbursement functions. A health economist and former professor of hospital management, Dr. Dellamano combines a solid methodological background with extensive global and local business experience in the areas of strategic planning, business development, pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and health economics.


Pre-congress Workshop Day Orphan @ 09:00

Morning Pre-congress Workshop Monday 13 November

Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access Challenges for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product / Orphan Drugs in the EU – to be updated
Major hurdles exist even in the EU health systems delaying and preventing patient access to Orphan Drugs (ODs) approved by the EMA. If possible, such hurdles are even greater for ODs that are also Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) - Cell therapies, gene therapies and hybrid cell-gene therapies.
In this workshop we will review the actual market access (MA) status and timing in the main EU countries of ODs approved by the EMA in the recent past and will then discuss the additional issues for ATMP/ODs.
Real-world experience will be presented and discussed, with the testimony of a medium-size European Company with a specific focus on ODs and, in particular, ATMP/ODs.
Finally, potential solutions will be discussed, to address key pricing, reimbursement and MA challenges for ATMP/ODs in the EU context.
Gain from a unique combination of 1) manufacturer, customer, economic, and clinical perspectives combined with 2) solid academic theory from attending this workshop.
Dr Renato Dellamano, President, MME Europe
Tiziana Magni, Global Pricing & Market Access Specialist, CHIESI FARMACEUTICI SPA
Davide Finocchiaro, Global Pricing & Market Access Specialist, CHIESI FARMACEUTICI SPA

Expertise shared from MME:
  • In addition to work in oncology and orphan markets, we have helped developers and marketers of >40 ultra-orphan drugs and several ATMPs to identify, frame, communicate and capture the value of their therapies.
  • Unique combination of manufacturer and customer perspectives combined with solid academic theory
  • Strategy development and tactical execution to support informed decision making
  • Assessment and planning of opportunities and competitive situations at every stage of the product life cycle
  • Our methods are designed to develop an understanding of the value perceptions of all meaningful stakeholders
What are the benefits of attending this workshop?
  • The orphan markets have examples of products that have exceeded expectations as well as some that have yet to achieve initial forecasts: pricing and reimbursement is a factor that can work in either direction.
  • During this workshop we will look at the general issues and challenges for ODs and at the additional particular challenges for ODs that are also ATMPs.
  • In this particularly innovative field, understanding the current orphan drug environment and the potential changes in the near future include sustainability of orphan drug pricing plus the additional key issues related to pricing and reimbursement of cell and gene therapies.
12.30 Networking Lunch followed by afternoon workshop

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