José Ángel Aibar | President
Dravet Syndrome Foundation

José Ángel Aibar, President, Dravet Syndrome Foundation

José Ángel Aibar is an experienced engineer who holds a senior position in a leading technology company, based at its main global R&D centre in Sophia Antipolis, a technology park on the French Riviera known as Europe's leading science and technology centre. José became involved in the work of the Dravet Syndrome Foundation Spain, of which he has been President since June 2018, shortly after one of his children was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare, devastating and lifelong form of epilepsy that begins in the first year of life with frequent and prolonged seizures. In addition to his role with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation Spain, Jose is a member of several rare disease and epilepsy working groups, such as Epag EpiCARE, as well as an advisory board member of several international and industry projects. Because of his child's condition, José believes in the importance of patient organisations to improve diagnosis, treatment, care and support to achieve better outcomes for all patients with rare and complex epilepsies, including Dravet syndrome.


Day 2 - Thursday 24 October @ 15:10

Panel: Preparing the patient community for advanced therapy trials: How stakeholders can work together to ensure advanced therapy clinical trials are optimal for everyone

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