Little Journey


Imagine a pediatric-specific engagement platform, fully co-designed with children and child life specialists. The Little Journey app helps to reduce anxiety before, during and after hospital visits by educating and preparing children and families using engaging, age-tailored personalized multimedia that can be accessed anywhere at any time.
Little Journey familiarizes children with their hospital surroundings with 3D virtual tours where kids can interact with age-appropriate animated characters, introducing procedures and key information in a bite-sized, child-friendly way. Also included are distraction games and coping techniques like breathing and stretching. All of this helps remove uncertainty and lower anxiety in both children and caregivers. The result is fewer appointment cancellations, reduced need for pre-medication and less time spent in recovery – helping hospitals to save money and improve health outcomes.
For clinical trials, Little Journey’s pathways can be personalised to protocol, country, site, and patient with more and more assessments being added to our app on an ongoing basis. Study sponsors who commit to showing duty of care to patients benefit from reduced drop-outs and greater levels of engagement with the children and families who give up their time to participate in pediatric studies.