Ablevia biotech Gmbh


Oskar Smrzka brings a rich background across fundamental science and biotech industry, from rare genetic diseases to cancer. Leveraging his multidisciplinary scientific and technological expertise, he founded Ablevia, a Vienna/Austria-based startup, aimed at targeting anti-drug and anti-vector antibodies and other unwanted antibodies specifically, through a new, adaptable decoy drug format. Previously, O.S. spearheaded the enabling technology department at a peptide-vaccine company. He initiated target discovery programs, focusing on Allergy and Huntington's disease, and developed selective apheresis- and therapeutic antibody-approaches where he is the inventor of several patents. As the company’s main founder, he currently serves as CEO/CSO, and leads the forefront of developing a new generation of precision therapeutics to efficiently remove harmful, unwanted, and pathogenic antibodies, present across diverse (rare) disease areas.