VOZ Advisors

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VOZ Advisors (VOZ) is the leading consultant to pharmaceutical, biotech, device, and diagnostic companies around the world in their quests to deliver quality care through innovative and effective partnerships with patient, consumer, and professional advocacy groups.
VOZ has unmatched breadth and depth of experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hematology, infectious diseases, mental health, neurology, oncology, and rare diseases.
VOZ has long, trusted relationships with global, regional, and national patient, consumer, and professional groups, as well as a deep understanding of intergroup dynamics, perceptions of industry, and examples of effective partnerships.
VOZ Advisors has decades of experience, having served in leadership positions in advocacy, clinical research, industry, market research, policy, and more. This wealth of experience enables the firm to offer a strategic and innovative approach to advance mutual goals between clients and key stakeholders.
VOZ Advisors applies its knowledge, networks, and experience to help build strategic and productive external stakeholder relations aligned with business goals, ensuring a benefit from patient, professional, and consumer perspectives across R&D, clinical trial recruitment and retention, regulatory approval, launch readiness, and access and reimbursement. There is no typical project. Strategies and tactics are customized according to capacities, expectations, and immediate and long-term business objectives.

VOZ Advisors
521 Fifth Ave
27th Floor
New York, NY 10175
Phone: +1 212 620 2770
Web: www.vozadvisors.com
President & CEO: Ellen Coleman
Executive Chair: Cláudia Hirawat