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RxSolutions™ presents RxStudy Card, an innovative clinical trial supply service that reduces the challenges associated with the acquisition, distribution and management of clinical study medicine and supplies in the USA and Canada. The RxStudy Card™ greatly reduces the need for on-going management of clinical supplies and the eventual destruction of unused inventory at study end, shifting the burden of carrying cost and expiry risk to the retail and specialty pharmacies.
RxStudy Card™ utilizes the well-established pharmacy networks and prescription adjudication platforms to keep subjects in their daily routines with their personal pharmacists.
The service allows for clinical trial staff to supply subjects with open-label prescription of comparators, standard of care, rescue medications and OTC medications, ancillary supplies and medical devices.
RxStudy Card™ dramatically reduces the work load for clinical trial supply staff, by removing the need for the likes of procurement, labelling, pick, pack, ship, inventory management, expiry, destruction of unused inventory and more. 
Having been used in hundreds of clinical trials to date, investigators and site staff have grown accustom to the RxStudy Card’s ease of use, giving them more time for other aspects of running a successful clinical trial.
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