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Innoplexus’ goal is to be the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions to pharma, biotech and CRO organizations and partner with them to accelerate drug development, clinical trial optimization, provide data-driven insights in real time to facilitate improved strategic decision-making and refine processes. We will partner with you and walk you every step of the way to potentially accelerate your drug’s time to market.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning Services include:

- Identifying optimal targets based on efficacy, safety, clinical & commercial requirements

- Narrowing target selection by using in-silico validation

- Validating targets based on published scientific data

- Lead Identification

- Pipeline Prioritization by identifying & validating potential uses of target, pathway, disease & drug candidates

- Prospectively analyzing clinical trial design to predict probability of technical and regulatory success

- Retrospectively analyzing clinical trial failures to identify cause

- Identifying & prioritizing clinical trial sites based on a multitude of parameters

- Identifying top or emerging Key Opinion Leaders for clinical trial involvement

- Centralizing clinical, medical, commercial, & regulatory information in a single dashboard

- Identifying biomarkers to enable patient segmentation and improve response to drug

- Providing real-time regulatory insights & changes in clinical guidelines

- Data as a Service [DaaS]