Centogene US, LLC

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Centogene is a rare disease company focused on transforming clinical, genetic, and biochemical data into medical solutions for patients. We are focused on bringing rationality to treatment decisions and accelerating the development of new orphan drugs by using our knowledge of the global rare disease market, including its epidemiological and clinical heterogeneity, and our innovative biomarkers.

Our data repository includes epidemiologic, phenotypic and genetic information from over 300,000 patients sourced from over 100 countries thus reflecting the genetic differences in global ethnicities. We believe this represents the only platform that comprehensively analyzes multilevel data to improve the understanding of rare diseases, which can aid in the identification of patients and improve our pharmaceutical partners’ ability to bring orphan drugs to the market.

As one of the largest rare disease companies worldwide, Centgene is dedicated to transforming the science of genetic information into solutions and hope for patients with rare diseases and their families.