2020 Speakers


Brett Abarbanel, Research Director, U.N.L.V. International Gaming Institute

Brett Abarbanel | Research Director | U.N.L.V. International Gaming Institute » speaking at WGES

Alberto Alfieri, Chief Operating Officer, Bet Entertainment

Alberto Alfieri | Chief Operating Officer | Bet Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Jane Anscombe, Non Executive Director, GVC Holdings

Jane Anscombe | Non Executive Director | GVC Holdings » speaking at WGES

Shahar Attias, Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Interaction Ltd.

Shahar Attias | Chief Executive Officer | Hybrid Interaction Ltd. » speaking at WGES

Stephen Aupy, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Gamban

Stephen Aupy | Vice President Strategic Partnerships | Gamban » speaking at WGES

Neil Banbury, Uk General Manager, Unibet

Neil Banbury | Uk General Manager | Unibet » speaking at WGES

Dominik Beier, Speaker Of The Board, Interwetten

Dominik Beier | Speaker Of The Board | Interwetten » speaking at WGES

Nigel Birrell, Chief Executive Officer, Lottoland

Nigel Birrell | Chief Executive Officer | Lottoland » speaking at WGES

Brandie Black, Founder, Brand-e Media SL

Brandie Black | Founder | Brand-e Media SL » speaking at WGES

Lesley Blackband, Head Of Partnerships, YGAM

Lesley Blackband | Head Of Partnerships | YGAM » speaking at WGES

Sarah Blackburn, Director, GameOn - Marketing

Sarah Blackburn | Director | GameOn - Marketing » speaking at WGES

Cristiano Blanco, Head of Gaming, Kindred Group

Cristiano Blanco | Head of Gaming | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Wolfgang Bliem, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Casino Luzern

Wolfgang Bliem | Chief Executive Officer | Grand Casino Luzern » speaking at WGES

Maria Boelius, Chief Executive Officer, Cashmio

Maria Boelius | Chief Executive Officer | Cashmio » speaking at WGES

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Senior Vice President Asia And Strategic Markets, Global Chain

Harmen Brenninkmeijer | Senior Vice President Asia And Strategic Markets | Global Chain » speaking at WGES

Adriaan Brink, Chief Executive Officer, Betterbetting

Adriaan Brink | Chief Executive Officer | Betterbetting » speaking at WGES

Mr Paul Buck, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, EPIC Risk Management

Mr Paul Buck | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | EPIC Risk Management » speaking at WGES

Scott Burton, Chief Executive Officer, ESP.bet

Scott Burton | Chief Executive Officer | ESP.bet » speaking at WGES

Michael Charlton, Asia Pacific Development Director, Ladbrokes Coral

Michael Charlton | Asia Pacific Development Director | Ladbrokes Coral » speaking at WGES

Anutosh Chatterjee, Start up Mentor, Expert in online Real Money Wagering, Independent Consultant

Anutosh Chatterjee | Start up Mentor, Expert in online Real Money Wagering | Independent Consultant » speaking at WGES

Cuan Chelin, Founder And Chief Executive, Sportingbet South Africa

Cuan Chelin | Founder And Chief Executive | Sportingbet South Africa » speaking at WGES

John Cole, Group Director, Brand Partnerships, Sport, Gambling And Alcohol, LADbible Group

John Cole | Group Director, Brand Partnerships, Sport, Gambling And Alcohol | LADbible Group » speaking at WGES

Irina Cornides, Chief Marketing Officer, Jackpotjoy Plc

Irina Cornides | Chief Marketing Officer | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Michael Doyle, Chief Marketing Officer, PVP.ME

Michael Doyle | Chief Marketing Officer | PVP.ME » speaking at WGES

Alberto Eljarrat, Managing Director, Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa

Alberto Eljarrat | Managing Director | Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa » speaking at WGES

Marcel Fazler, Google

Marcel Fazler |  | Google » speaking at WGES

Benjamin Fockersperger, Founder, esports-agency.gg

Benjamin Fockersperger | Founder | esports-agency.gg » speaking at WGES

Jason Frost, President, Euromat

Jason Frost | President | Euromat » speaking at WGES

Jonathan Galea, President, Blockchain Advisory Ltd

Jonathan Galea | President | Blockchain Advisory Ltd » speaking at WGES

Marcus Geiss, Chief Executive Officer, Navidad Foundation

Marcus Geiss | Chief Executive Officer | Navidad Foundation » speaking at WGES

Tristan Gijsenbergh, Public Affairs And Policy Officer, European Advertising Standards Alliance

Tristan Gijsenbergh | Public Affairs And Policy Officer | European Advertising Standards Alliance » speaking at WGES

John Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, Incentive Games

John Gordon | Chief Executive Officer | Incentive Games » speaking at WGES

Naveen Goyal, Chief Executive Officer, Adda52.com

Naveen Goyal | Chief Executive Officer | Adda52.com » speaking at WGES

Blaine Graboyes, Chief Executive Officer, GAMECO

Blaine Graboyes | Chief Executive Officer | GAMECO » speaking at WGES

Daniel Graetzer, Chief Executive Officer, Carousel Group

Daniel Graetzer | Chief Executive Officer | Carousel Group » speaking at WGES

Steven Grech, Co-Founder, Yakocasino

Steven Grech | Co-Founder | Yakocasino » speaking at WGES

Dermot Griffin, Former Chief Executive Officer, The National Lottery

Dermot Griffin | Former Chief Executive Officer | The National Lottery » speaking at WGES

Hampus Hagglof, Chief Executive Officer, FSport

Hampus Hagglof | Chief Executive Officer | FSport » speaking at WGES

Maarten Haijer, Sec Gen, European Gaming And Betting Association

Maarten Haijer | Sec Gen | European Gaming And Betting Association » speaking at WGES

Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive Officer, GamCare

Anna Hemmings | Chief Executive Officer | GamCare » speaking at WGES

Nick Hill, Director, Premier Consulting

Nick Hill | Director | Premier Consulting » speaking at WGES

Peter Hoetzinger, Co Chief Executive Officer, Century Casinos Inc

Peter Hoetzinger | Co Chief Executive Officer | Century Casinos Inc » speaking at WGES

Richard Hogg, Director, 21bet

Richard Hogg | Director | 21bet » speaking at WGES

Sean Hurley, Consultant, Sport Betting and Gaming Advisor

Sean Hurley | Consultant | Sport Betting and Gaming Advisor » speaking at WGES

Hugo Jacques, Key Advisor, Bitbook

Hugo Jacques | Key Advisor | Bitbook » speaking at WGES

Nico Jansen, Chief Executive Officer, Bet IT Best GmbH

Nico Jansen | Chief Executive Officer | Bet IT Best GmbH » speaking at WGES

Jan Jones Blackhurst, Evp Public Policy And Corporate Responsibility, Caesar's Entertainment

Jan Jones Blackhurst | Evp Public Policy And Corporate Responsibility | Caesar's Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Emil Kanev, Head Of Marketing, efbet

Emil Kanev | Head Of Marketing | efbet » speaking at WGES

Eirik Kristiansen, Chief Executive Officer, Pixel.bet

Eirik Kristiansen | Chief Executive Officer | Pixel.bet » speaking at WGES

Keith Laslop, Founder, Jackpotjoy Plc

Keith Laslop | Founder | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Bob Lee, Attorney At Law, Independent Consultant

Bob Lee | Attorney At Law | Independent Consultant » speaking at WGES

Becky Liggero, Lead On-Site Reporter, CalvinAyre.com

Becky Liggero | Lead On-Site Reporter | CalvinAyre.com » speaking at WGES

Mokom Linus Achu, General Manager, CLIFTON GROUP LIMITED (CLIFBET)

Mokom Linus Achu | General Manager | CLIFTON GROUP LIMITED (CLIFBET) » speaking at WGES

Américo Loureiro, Director, Solverde

Américo Loureiro | Director | Solverde » speaking at WGES

Oisin Lunny, Professor Of Ux Driven Business, Barcelona Technology School

Oisin Lunny | Professor Of Ux Driven Business | Barcelona Technology School » speaking at WGES

Martin Lycka, Director Of Regulatory Affairs, GVC Holdings

Martin Lycka | Director Of Regulatory Affairs | GVC Holdings » speaking at WGES

Andrew Lyman, Executive Director, Gibraltar Gambling Division, Government of Gibraltar Gaming

Andrew Lyman | Executive Director, Gibraltar Gambling Division | Government of Gibraltar Gaming » speaking at WGES

Mark Mcguinness, Chief Marketing Officer, Independant

Mark Mcguinness | Chief Marketing Officer | Independant » speaking at WGES

Robert Montgomery, Chairman, GAMECO

Robert Montgomery | Chairman | GAMECO » speaking at WGES

Michael Mrak, Head Of Department For Corporate Governance Coordination And Compliance, Casinos Austria AG

Michael Mrak | Head Of Department For Corporate Governance Coordination And Compliance | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Carsten Muth, Head Of Legal And Compliance, Lotto24 AG

Carsten Muth | Head Of Legal And Compliance | Lotto24 AG » speaking at WGES

Peter Naessens, Acting General Director, Gaming Commission

Peter Naessens | Acting General Director | Gaming Commission » speaking at WGES

Chris Naudi, Head Of Sportsbook, Global Gaming

Chris Naudi | Head Of Sportsbook | Global Gaming » speaking at WGES

Lena Nordin, Chief Human Resources Officer, Betsson Group

Lena Nordin | Chief Human Resources Officer | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Eric Olders, Chief Executive Officer, JVH gaming & entertainment group

Eric Olders | Chief Executive Officer | JVH gaming & entertainment group » speaking at WGES

Roger Parkes, Groupl Head Of Compliance And Regulatory Affairs, Betway

Roger Parkes | Groupl Head Of Compliance And Regulatory Affairs | Betway » speaking at WGES

Bill Pascrell III, Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc

Bill Pascrell III | Partner | Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc » speaking at WGES

Luis Pereira, Managing Director, Asia Gaming Brief

Luis Pereira | Managing Director | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Jonathan Pettemerides, Director Of Multi-Channel, Rank Group

Jonathan Pettemerides | Director Of Multi-Channel | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Sergey Portnov, Chief Executive Officer, Parimatch

Sergey Portnov | Chief Executive Officer | Parimatch » speaking at WGES

Jindrich Rajchl, Chief Executive Officer, Funtasy sports

Jindrich Rajchl | Chief Executive Officer | Funtasy sports » speaking at WGES

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani, Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder, SportyBet

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani | Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder | SportyBet » speaking at WGES

Kevin Reid, Cco, 1X2Network

Kevin Reid | Cco | 1X2Network » speaking at WGES

Paul Richardson, Group Director Of Strategy And Corporate Development, Rank Group

Paul Richardson | Group Director Of Strategy And Corporate Development | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Morten Ronde, Chief Executive Officer, Danish Online Gambling Association

Morten Ronde | Chief Executive Officer | Danish Online Gambling Association » speaking at WGES

Gil Rotem, Former Group Director Of Gaming Strategy, Independent Consultant

Gil Rotem | Former Group Director Of Gaming Strategy | Independent Consultant » speaking at WGES

Alessandro Salvati, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Nextwin

Alessandro Salvati | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Nextwin » speaking at WGES

David Sargeant, Founder, Igaming Ideas

David Sargeant | Founder | Igaming Ideas » speaking at WGES

William Scott, Vice President, iGaming Expert

William Scott | Vice President | iGaming Expert » speaking at WGES

Shay Segev, Chief Operating Officer, GVC Holdings

Shay Segev | Chief Operating Officer | GVC Holdings » speaking at WGES

Tim Shepherd, Director, Fortuna Investments

Tim Shepherd | Director | Fortuna Investments » speaking at WGES

Ronna Shilon, Chief Executive Officer, Gate777

Ronna Shilon | Chief Executive Officer | Gate777 » speaking at WGES

Sandise Sibanda, Head Of Marketing, Sun International

Sandise Sibanda | Head Of Marketing | Sun International » speaking at WGES

Rolf Sims, Kindred Public Affairs Manager Norway, Unibet

Rolf Sims | Kindred Public Affairs Manager Norway | Unibet » speaking at WGES

Sharon Singleton, Managing Editor, Asia Gaming Brief

Sharon Singleton | Managing Editor | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Ulle Skottling, Chief Operating Officer, Videoslots

Ulle Skottling | Chief Operating Officer | Videoslots » speaking at WGES

Paris Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle

Paris Smith | Chief Executive Officer | Pinnacle » speaking at WGES

Gonen Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Go Wild Gaming

Gonen Solomon | Chief Operating Officer | Go Wild Gaming » speaking at WGES

Alexander Stevendahl, Chief Executive Officer, Videoslots

Alexander Stevendahl | Chief Executive Officer | Videoslots » speaking at WGES

Hillevi Stuhrenberg, Manager Responsible Gambling And Csr, Betsson Group

Hillevi Stuhrenberg | Manager Responsible Gambling And Csr | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Angel Sueiro, Chief Operating Officer, The Emerald Resort

Angel Sueiro | Chief Operating Officer | The Emerald Resort » speaking at WGES

Heinz-Georg Sundermann, Chief Executive Officer, Lotto Hessen

Heinz-Georg Sundermann | Chief Executive Officer | Lotto Hessen » speaking at WGES

Andrii Suslenko, Chief Communications Officer, Parimatch

Andrii Suslenko | Chief Communications Officer | Parimatch » speaking at WGES

Jack Symons, Chief Executive, Gamban

Jack Symons | Chief Executive | Gamban » speaking at WGES

Jedidiah Taylor, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Decent.Bet

Jedidiah Taylor | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Decent.Bet » speaking at WGES

Stephen Taylor-Matthews, Consultant, Independent

Stephen Taylor-Matthews | Consultant | Independent » speaking at WGES

Simon Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, The Hippodrome Casino

Simon Thomas | Chief Executive Officer | The Hippodrome Casino » speaking at WGES

Alexandre Tomic, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Alea Digital

Alexandre Tomic | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Alea Digital » speaking at WGES

Jari Vahanen, Senior Vice President Of International Affairs, Veikkaus Oy

Jari Vahanen | Senior Vice President Of International Affairs | Veikkaus Oy » speaking at WGES

Erwin Van Lambaart, Chief Executive Officer, Holland Casino

Erwin Van Lambaart | Chief Executive Officer | Holland Casino » speaking at WGES

Serge Vardanyan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Win.gg

Serge Vardanyan | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Win.gg » speaking at WGES

Rosalind Wade, Managing Director And Co Founder, Asia Gaming Brief

Rosalind Wade | Managing Director And Co Founder | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Jon Weaver, Chief Executive Officer, Pilot Games

Jon Weaver | Chief Executive Officer | Pilot Games » speaking at WGES

Graham Weir, Chief Executive Officer, Safer Gambling Solutions Ltd.

Graham Weir | Chief Executive Officer | Safer Gambling Solutions Ltd. » speaking at WGES

Martin Williams, Asia Editor, Gambling Compliance

Martin Williams | Asia Editor | Gambling Compliance » speaking at WGES

Lee Willows, Chief Executive Officer, YGAM

Lee Willows | Chief Executive Officer | YGAM » speaking at WGES

Adam Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Bookee

Adam Wilson | Chief Executive Officer | Bookee » speaking at WGES

Phillip Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Carousel Group

Phillip Wilson | Chief Operating Officer | Carousel Group » speaking at WGES

Mark Woollard, Business Development Director, Pragmatic Solutions

Mark Woollard | Business Development Director | Pragmatic Solutions » speaking at WGES

Russell Yershon, Director, ConnectingBrands.co.uk

Russell Yershon | Director | ConnectingBrands.co.uk » speaking at WGES