Priscilla Sampa | Chief Executive Officer
Lusaka Securities Exchange

Priscilla Sampa, Chief Executive Officer, Lusaka Securities Exchange

Mrs. Priscilla Chikuni Sampa was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) this Year in January, 2017. Until her appointment as LuSE CEO, Mrs. Sampa held the position of Legal Counsel and Company Secretary over a period of Ten Years. During this time, she provided the Company with legal expertise and presided over the Regulatory and Compliance functions of the Company. In the regulation and listings division, she provided services to enable the listing of securities, supervised Companies to ensure that their information disclosure complies with the Stock Exchange regulations with the ultimate objective being to enhance investor confidence and encourage long term funding. She has also been involved in the approval of a number of structured transactions including Medium Term Note Programmes, Securitizations, Depository Receipts, Claw back and Rights Issues, Capitalization Issues, Issues for cash, Merges and Acquisitions and Initial Public Offers (IPO’s).
Mrs. Sampa’s practical experience in the Capital Market, both locally and regionally, is extensive and well grounded, conferring upon her a functional knowledge and understanding of the Market’s complexities which is an invaluable asset. As a Lawyer, Mrs. Sampa is also certified in Regulation, Risk Management and Capital Markets with the US Securities and Exchange Commission – Thomas A. Biolsi International Institute for Compliance and Examination.


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