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World Exchange Congress 2018 - Day 2 28th February 2018


Day 2 – Wednesday 28th February 2018


Registration continues and morning refreshment served


Opening remarks from Chairman

Rafael Plata, Secretary General, European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH)

New Partnerships

Obaid Al Zaabi

Keynote: Globalization of Islamic capital market: development framework

  • The future of the Islamic capital markets
  • Outlining a roadmap for future developments

How are established trading venues diversifying their technology and data services to attract investors?

  • Attracting new investors by overhauling your technology, data and analytics offerings
  • What are the crucial questions new investors have before deciding to partner?
  • Eradicating risk through ensuring safety and transparency: what steps can you take?
  • Taking those partnerships internationally: how to get started
Sami Saliba, CMA Executive Board Member, Capital Markets Authority Lebanon
Li Zhengqiang

Steps for opening global access to derivatives markets: strategies for emerging exchanges

  • Steps for opening global access to capital markets: What lessons have been learnt from mature markets?
  • Mobilizing liquidity: How to bring diverse markets together
  • What does the integration of diverse markets look like? Evaluating the role of the exchange
  • How do you reconcile regulatory differences in a variety of regions?
Ivana Gazic

How can exchanges best help to promote innovation and nurture tomorrow’s companies?

Ganesh Iyer

Global Connectivity: Why it Matters More Than Ever for Exchanges

Reliably and securely accessing global liquidity venues- Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Derivatives, Multiple Asset Classes

Morning networking break


New Technologies

Chairman: Rafael Plata, Secretary General, European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH)

New Market Growth

Chairman: Konstantin Saroyan, Secretary General, FEAS ​
Stream One - New Revenues

The development of Shanghai Stock Exchange in big data and market surveillance technology

  • With increasing demand and pressure from FinTech, the demand of RegTech has become more than ever in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • How do you apply the big data in RegTech?
  • What are the best methods of building your big data platform?
Stream Two - New Technologies

National stock exchanges, capital markets authorities and government: How can they best work together?

  • What steps can differing organisations take to create a successful working relationship?
  • Which organisation should take the lead in embracing disruptive technologies?
  • Pushing for change: How best to approach negotiations
Stream One - New Revenues

MiFID II - finally reality!

  • MiFID II – a european project comes true
  • What are the first implications?
  • Effects on a regional exchange?
  • Lessons learned
Stream Two - New Technologies

Capitalizing on the SME market in growing economies: How best to engage

  • How can smaller exchanges nurture SME growth?
  • What can a large hub of SMEs in a local market do for the economy? And on a global scale?
  • Which markets have seen successes from SME involvement?
Stream One - New Revenues

Panel: Global Exchanges 2.0

  • How can exchanges best ensure they remain at the forefront of technology development to satisfy their customers?
  • How to get the best use out of your data and analytics
  • What can your data teach you about making your exchange more efficient?
  • Identifying opportunities to increase your customer spend through additional services
Gaurang Desai, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange Group (DGCX & DCCC)

Mohsen Adel, Vice Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange 

Steven King, CIO, EquiChain

Senior representative, Midex

Neeraj Kulshrestha, Chief Business and Operations Officer, Bombay Stock Exchange

Remus Danila, Director International Relations, Budapest Stock Exchange
Stream Two - New Technologies

Panel: Developments & Innovation in Smaller Exchanges

  • Solutions designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the financial community
  • Optimising delivery of multicast normalised and raw exchange data
  • The fragility of the markets and the dangers of inadequate insight and transparency
  • Real examples of where this technology has benefitted an exchange and its customersIvan Takev, Executive Director, B.S.E. SofiaDaniel Körmöczi, Deputy CEO, Budapest Stock ExchangeFadi Khalaf, Secretary General, Arab Federation of Exchanges​Khaled Abdul Razzaq AlKhaled, CEO, Boursa Kuwait Bilel Sahnoun, CEO, Tunis Stock ExchangeModerator: Konstantin Saroyan, Secretary General, FEAS  

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Preparing for the challenges of tomorrow

Panel discussion

Panel: Islamic Finance Products

  • Key Sukuk; Structured Products; Trading Products such as ETPs, EFTs.
  • A perspective from Sharia Asset Managers and Sharia Rating agencies
Moderator: Charbel S. Azzi, Head of Middle East, Africa & CIS, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Amr Albialy, Executive Director, Head of Middle East Sales, Robeco

Seif Fikry,
Founder & CEO, Afkar Capital
Panel discussion

ETFs: How can they be a catalyst for emerging markets?

  • The emerging markets are among the cheapest assets around after underperforming developed markets over the past few years
  • ETFs: Emerging markets as a better source of yield after global central bankers expanded their easy money policies
  • Exploring the evolution of ETFs, and predicting the barriers to growth
  • Why should all firms consider implementing an ETF strategy?
Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, ETFGI
Stephan Pouyat, Global Head of Capital Markets and Funds Services, Euroclear
Renuke Wijayawardhana

Where will tomorrow’s growth come from: technology, regulation or market services?

How are exchanges diversifying revenue streams and preparing for future growth?
· How is the role of the exchange evolving and how are new revenue streams being implemented?
· What are the changing expectations of tomorrow’s investors and how can an exchange meet those needs?
· Changing public perception about what an exchange actually does: where can you start?
Taehyun Noh

Korea’s Bond Market: Opportunities for Tomorrow

Gerard Hartsink

The value of the LEI for the securities industry

  • How can regional exchanges best work together?
  • What are the common mistakes made in the past when it comes to regional collaboration?
  • What opportunities are there to expand collaboration beyond regions?
  • The new world order: Which regions will come to the fore in the next decade?
Keisuke Arai

Market Reflection: Japan

  • A market overview: Japan overall and a focus on Japan Exchange Group
  • What are the latest product innovations in the derivatives space?
  • What is the impact of Market internationalization on market entry?
  • Discussing OTC market development
Sanjay Golecha

Role of Commodity Exchanges and changing regulatory landscape

  • National Commodity exchanges, Regulators and government
  • What makes Commodity exchange stand out?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities on the horizon?
  • Steps for opening global access to Commodity derivatives markets

End of the World Exchange Congress

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