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World Exchange Congress 2018 - Day 1 27th February 2018

DAY 1 – Tuesday 27th February 2018


Registration commences and morning refreshment served


Welcome from Jennifer Clark, Conference Director


Opening remarks from Chairman Rainer Riess, Director General, Federation of European Securities Markets


New growth opportunities


Official Welcome from the Sultanate of Oman

A Government representative from the Sultanate of Oman will welcome our delegates and introduce our Keynote speakers
Stephane Boujnah

Opening Keynote: What are the effects of globalisation on capital market stability?

  • How are exchanges affected by recent global trends that are changing capital markets?
  • How are different regions being affected? What are the outcomes of their responses?
  • What has Brexit taught the global economy? What have we learnt from Europe’s reaction?
  • What is the relevance of regional change to countries across the globe?
  • Expanding beyond core markets
Patrick Birley

Data, analytics and technology: Innovative and alternative revenue generation strategies for exchanges

  • How are exchanges diversifying beyond traditional revenue streams?
  • How do you build a competitive, alternative business model?
  • Disrupting the business model of the traditional stock exchange
  • What does the future exchange look like? What is on the horizon for exchanges? 
Ahmed Al Marhoon

Address from the Muscat Securities Market: the financial role of GCC stock markets in the light of declining oil prices

  • Oil price development and its role in developing GCC Economies.
  • The relative weight of oil revenue in comparison to the total revenues in GCC countries for the last ten years.
  • The impact of low oil prices in the formulation of public budgets of GCC countries and their spending power.
  • What role can GCC stock markets play as a Financial alternative.

Speed Networking & Morning break


Market Innovation

Panel discussion

Panel: How exchanges can become more attractive to investors by diversifying into technology, data and analytics revenue streams

  • What makes an exchange stand out?
  • How do exchanges widen their investor base?
  • What are the best methods to reach new investors?
  • 5 steps to create value in your markets
Rajeeva Bandaranaike, CEO, Colombo Stock Exchange
Khaled AbdulRazzaq AlKhaled, CEO, Boursa Kuwait
Petr Koblic, CEO, Prague Stock Exchange
Aleš Ipavec, President of the Management Board, Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Rashed Al Baloushi, Chief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange 
Renuke Wijayawardhane, Chief Regulatory Officer, Colombo Stock Exchange
Moderator: Konstantin Saroyan, Secretary General, FEAS

Industry predictions: Ensuring you take advantage of rapid change

  • What impact have new regulations had on the industry?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities on the horizon?
  • How does direct customer access change the game?
  • What are the practical implications of new technology?
Robert Ansari

Assessing the impact upgrades and downgrades can have on potential growth

  • Understanding the process markets follow to prepare for an upgrade
  • What institutional investors need to see and to be assured of before moving into a market
  • How index providers rule on market classifications
  • Understanding the impact on liquidity if classification changes

Networking lunch and exhibition viewing

New Revenues

New Technologies


Clearing & Settlement

Stream One

How can smaller exchanges best increase their revenue streams?

  • Promoting your technology, data and analytics services to new customers: How to get started.
  • What roadblocks need to be overcome by developing exchanges to increase revenue streams?
  • Technology issues: What integration obstructions must be confronted?
  • Embracing new technology to increase revenue, can it be done?
Stream Two

The Changing Face of Market Infrastructure Technology

  • Widespread adoption of cloud technology – how will this affect how market infrastructure organizations operate in the future?
  • Use cases for On Prem versus PaaS and SaaS?
  • Adopting a services model and associated benefits
  • Other emerging technologies and how they will advance traditional exchange, clearing and settlement systems
Senior Representative, Nasdaq
Stream Three

Confronting the challenges of tomorrow: How can exchanges best prepare for growth?

  • International partnerships and collaboration: How can exchanges equip themselves to meet tomorrow’s requirements?
  • Predicting the new role of the exchange in a new age of FinTech
  • Enhancing and encouraging collaboration between exchanges: What can be done?
  • Engaging tomorrow’s customer: How will their needs differ?
  • What threats and opportunities are posed from RegTech?
Stream One

Panel: New technology, data and analytics services: How are exchanges reinventing themselves for tomorrow?

  • Who will tomorrow’s customer be and what will be their key priorities?
  • How will tomorrow’s customer expect us to embrace new technologies?
  • Communicating your message: How must this change?
  • What steps are exchanges taking to prepare for tomorrow?
Sunil Benimadhu, CEO, The Stock Exchange of Mauritius
Amina Turgulova, Member of the Management Board, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
Félix Edoh Kossi Amenounve, CEO, BRVM
Stream Two

Panel: Is RegTech the new FinTech and how can we harness its potential?

  • Do we really know yet how RegTech will impact us?
  • How is regulatory technology helping exchanges understand and manage their risk?
  • Opportunities to introduce new capabilities that are designed to leverage existing systems and data to produce regulatory data
  • Reporting in a cost-effective, flexible and timely manner without taking the risk of replacing or updating legacy systemsJalil Tarif, Secretary General, Arab Union for Securities Commissions (confirmed) 
Stream Three

Panel: The new generation of post-trade technology and capabilities

  • How are clearing houses innovating? What factors are driving it?
  • What solutions can be offered by CCPs that are currently being offered by alternatives?
  • Why it is vital that post trade venues innovate to stay ahead of the game
  • What are the themes coming up in post-trade innovation?
Sergey Putyatinskiy, CIO, National Settlement Depository, Russia 
Nirav Barfiwala, Director of Risk Management, Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation 
Muhammed Lukman, Chief Executive Officer, National Clearing Company of Pakistan 
Stream One

How have recent mergers between exchanges and CSDs changed markets?

  • Encouraging market efficiency by merging CSDs with your exchange
  • Where are the success stories?
  • What are the steps to begin the process of combining?
  • What are the benefits to foreign investors?
Stream Two

How can developing markets best diversify revenue streams through new technology

  • How can exchanges best harness the potential of blockchain, AI and other new technologies without breaking the bank?
  •  What new technologies are on the radar for developing exchanges?
  • How best to determine what is essential for your customers’ growt
  • Applied lessons from mature markets: What works and what doesn’t?
Stream Three

Exchange Listed SME Investment Vehicles

  • Raising money through listed SMEs to invest in non-listed SMEs
  • Developing a dedicated SME market within your exchange
  • Seeking ways to enhance SMEs entry to finance
  • What are the other components to supporting SME development?

Afternoon networking break

Alasdair Haynes

Confronting the challenges of tomorrow through diversifying services: How can exchanges best prepare for growth?

  • International partnerships and collaboration: How can exchanges equip themselves to meet tomorrow’s requirements?
  • Predicting the new role of the exchange in a new age of FinTech
  • Enhancing and encouraging collaboration between exchanges: What can be done?
  • Engaging tomorrow’s customer: How will their needs differ?
  • What threats and opportunities are posed from RegTech?

Roundtable discussions

1) Effective data analysis services in emerging markets

2) Opening up to international markets: How to get started

3) Rolling out an analytics service: How to get started

4) Emerging market exchange collaboration

5) Lessons learnt from embracing blockchain

6) Evolving your technology capabilities for the benefit of your customer

7) Capital Markets Development Workshop
Hannes Takacs, Associate Director, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Announcement regarding the World Exchange Congress 2019


Evening entertainment – Exclusive offsite dinner, hosted by the Muscat Securities Market

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