Now that the conference dates changed, what are next steps?
Your booth
  • The exhibition hall is now in Plaza Ballroom
  • Your booth # will stay the same
Power, AV and Internet
  • All of your orders will transfer to the new dates
  • You will not need to re-order anything for your booth
Room block
  • The Seaport Hotel will cancel your reservation. We will send out an email with the new room block link when we receive it.
Move In and Move Out
  • You can set up your booth on Monday, August 31st from 3-6PM and Tuesday, September 1st from 6:30-7:30AM.
  • You can break down your booth on Wednesday, September 2nd 3-5PM.
  • I registered all my staff and guest’s, do I need to register them again?
    • No, all staff and guest registrations will transfer to the new dates
  • What is the staff and guests I registered can’t make it to the new dates?
    • You can email Ashley.Pierson@Terrapinn.com the name of the person who can not attend.
  • How do I register my staff?
    • You register your staff using the link in the handbook on page 9.
  • How do I register my guests?
    • You register your guest using the link in the handbook on page 9.
    • If you need to be resent your handbook, email Ashley.Pierson@Terrapinn.com
  • How can I purchase more staff passes?
    • If you need more staff passes, contact Joe.Sica@Terrapinn.com.
  • Where do I get my badge?
    • Your team can collect their badge from the registration desk onsite during exhibitor setup or when registration begins.
  • Where is registration?
    • Registration is on the Plaza Level of The Seaport Hotel next to the Plaza Ballroom.
  • Where is the exhibition hall?
    • The exhibition hall is located on the Plaza Level in Plaza Ballroom.
  • Where do I Ship my boxes?
    • Ship your boxes to this address. Fill out the form and put on each box that is shipped. 
  • What is my booth number?
    • Your booth number is noted in the handbook on page 8. You can also view your booth number on the floorplan here .
  • When can I ship my boxes to Seaport World Trade Center?
    • Shipments will be received between Wednesday, August 26 and Monday, August 31   .
  • What time can I set up my booth?
    • Booth setup is on Monday, August 31 between 3:30PM-6:30PM
  • What if I can’t set up during that time?
    • The expo hall will re-open on Tuesday, September 1st   at 6:30AM to set up your booth. Your booth must be set by 7:30AM.
  • What are the exhibitor hours?
    • Exhibitor hours are Tuesday, September 1st   from 7:30AM-6:30PM and Wednesday, September 2nd   from 8:00AM to 3:00PM.
    • You can view the full agenda here.
  • What time is exhibitor break down?
    • Exhibitors can begin to break down on Wednesday, September 2nd   at 3:00PM. You must be complete with breakdown by 5:00PM.
  • Will there be outlets or power at the booth?
    • No, there are no outlets to plug in laptops or cellphones at your booth.
    • You can order power in the Seaport Energy Co., Inc. AV form on our website here .
  • What size table is included in the booth?
    • The table is a 6’ x 30” table with a tablecloth. There will also be 2 chairs.
  • Will there be WIFI in the exhibition hall?
    • Yes, basic WIFI will be provided for all attendees.
    • If you need to order a hard-lined internet at your booth, use the ordering form here .
  • What insurance do I need?
  • Is the hall locked overnight?
    • Yes. The venue provides a basic level of security 24/7. We recommend that small handheld valuable equipment be removed daily or locked out of sight when you are not at your booth.  Although all care is taken, your own insurance is necessary. 
  • What is the networking app?
    • Download the “Terrapinn Events” app in your app store on your phone
    • The event code is “World Drug Safety US 2020”
    • Enter your username and password
  • When is the networking app available?
    • The networking app will become live on Tuesday, July 21st   2020.
  • I didn’t receive my networking app login information, who do I contact?
    • First, you need to be registered for the conference to receive your login information
    • If you are registered, check your junk folder for an email from World Drug Safety Congress 2020 < Ashley.pierson@terrapinn.com >
    • If you still can’t find your login information, email Ashley.Pierson@Terrapinn.com .
  • How long so I have access to the app?
    • The app will be available until December 30 th 2020

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