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Navitas Life Sciences is a technology-backed global clinical research organization, headquartered in Princeton, NJ, and spread across 5 countries. We accelerate time to market for life-saving therapies with end-to-end and point services and solutions for drug development and beyond.

Navitas Life Sciences provides outsourced data science, regulatory and safety, and full-service CRO services to large and mid-sized biopharmaceutical clients. We cover the entire spectrum of PV, backed by a wealth of experience and technological capabilities. Our experts deliver full-service operations with patient safety at the core. We ensure compliance, risk management, and efficiency with our flexible onshore/offshore models to meet your organizational needs.

With a team of experienced domain experts, we boast unrivalled PV insight facilitated by our industry-leading PV networks including pvnet, pvconnect, pvtech, pvindia, medtechnet, and cmonet, backed by 20+ years of industry benchmark data. Leading biopharma companies join our safety networks to learn and share from one another in an open environment. Our networks serve as collective platforms, offering learning, benchmarking, forums, and access to the latest industry insights through webcasts, think tanks, community exchange, and working sessions. Together, we address challenges, develop innovative solutions, and explore strategies for enhanced performance and success.


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