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Very High Risk Country Business Travel Exemption  



We are delighted to announce that fully vaccinated travellers from around the world who will be traveling to the Netherlands to join us in person at the World Drug Safety can qualify for an exemption to the quarantine that's currently in place for countries categorised as very high risk without a variant of concern (including the UK, USA & Israel).
Yes, you read that right. Fully vaccinated World Drug Safety attendees travelling from countries on the Netherlands’ “ very high risk ” list, who would otherwise need to quarantine on arrival in Amsterdam, can qualify for an exemption and will not have to quarantine when they travel to the World Drug Safety . So there's nothing stopping you from getting straight on that train or plane to Amsterdam from 5-6 October to be part of the show.


There are 6 key things you’ll need to bring with you to travel from a high risk country to the Netherlands:
1. PASSPORT: We know it’s been a while, but don’t forget this one! ;)
2. PROOF OF VACCINATION & VACCINE DECLARATION FORM: Fully vaccinated residents of countries outside the European Union are exempt from the non-EU travel ban and so are welcome in the Netherlands. Remember to bring your proof of vaccination and vaccine declaration form with you to show that you meet the criteria to enter the country.
3. NEGATIVE COVID TEST: To enter the Netherlands from outside the EU, you’ll need either a #813185 result from less than 48 hours before departure or a negative antigen test result from less than 24 hours before. You may need to fill in a short health declaration form stating you have no symptoms, but often this is covered by the travel operator.
4. LETTER OF INVITATION (we’ll send you this): Travellers from countries the Netherlands has designated “very high risk” are required to complete a quarantine on arrival in the Netherlands, but we can confirm that fully vaccinated World Drug Safety attendees can qualify for an exemption from this quarantine and so will not have to quarantine.  
By 24th September, you will have received from us a personalised letter of invitation from the Hilton Amsteram - our venue, formally confirming your attendance at the World Drug Safety and the fact that you can qualify for a business travel exemption to the quarantine.  
You must bring this letter with you to prove that you are an eligible business traveller, and carry it with you when you’re in the Netherlands. To make sure we get the details in the letter right, the first and last names on your World Drug Safety will need to match the first and last names on your passport (middle names not required).
Please email if you are travelling to the event from a high risk country and haven’t heard from the Terrapinn team.
5. QUARANTINE DECLARATION FORM: You will need to complete a quarantine declaration form , which you can print and bring with you. Please tick the box that indicates that you fall into an exemption category. In the exemption category box, please write “Significant contribution to Dutch economy,” and in the supporting document box, please write “Letter of invitation from a Dutch business.” Nothing else is required in section 2 or 3.
If you come armed with all that, you should have everything you need to get to the show - we’ve had assurance from Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and the City of Amsterdam that this process is in line with the latest Dutch regulations and we don’t anticipate any difficulties with your travel.
6. VISA (if you need one – please note this is not necessary when travelling from the UK): You can use the Dutch government’s Schengen Visa Advisor and your own government website to find out if a visa is required for your trip.


All of the important stuff you might want to know about health & safety at the show itself, including entry to the event, can be found  here - we’re updating it frequently.
If you have any questions about the letter of invitation, please email . We aren’t able to give any further advice on governmental travel restrictions as they are subject to change and we don’t want to give you out-of-date info, so please use the  Dutch government website  for advice around heading to Amsterdam and your own government’s website for the way home.
We’re so looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam. This is the first transport event of scale that has been able to take place for well over 18 months, and it’s great to hear from so many people just how excited the community is to get back to business at World Drug Safety .


No further action is required on your part other than to ensure that when you book your passes, the first and last names on your pass match the first and last names on your passport and other travel documents, and that you have the relevant documents with you when travelling.
Once you've booked, we'll be in touch with instructions on what you will need to show when you are travelling to prove that you can qualify for this exemption. You’ll need to bring with you the personalised paperwork we send you, and fill in your quarantine declaration form as we advise. Then, you can get on with getting back to business, away from your screen.



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