Gareth Davies | Global Head of Health and Safety

Gareth Davies, Global Head of Health and Safety, Nokia


Work 2.0 day 2 @ 11:30

Maintaining the wellbeing of flexible and remote workers

  • Dealing with the specific challenges facing us in the fourth industrial revolution
  • Understanding the challenges of being constantly connected, but never really connected
  • The ability to work flexibly creates an expectation to work flexibly, finding the balance
  • Addressing the challenges of the multigenerational workforce that are compounded by a modern flexible approach to working
  • Understanding and approaching the challenges, embracing modern technology and how simple education can go a long way

Work 2.0 day 2 @ 12:30

Panel discussion: How should behavioural safety be approached in the workplace?

  • What are the advantages of a simple approach to safety which focuses on the human basic needs
  • Engaging employees in their safety: getting employees thinking about why they want to go home safe
  • Are businesses beginning to get a handle on changing employee attitudes?
  • Moving from compliance to behaviours: How to get the right balance


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