Ashley Davis | Managing Director

Ashley Davis, Managing Director, UBS


Work 2.0 day 1 @ 14:20

Panel: The rise of new ways of working and what it means for the office of 2030?

  • Why do organisations tend to struggle to accommodate new ways of working?
  • What needs to be put in place to supporting employees working alone in workstation?
  • what impact does activity based working have on office design?
  • Predictions for 2030: Will a physical environment be needed at all?

Work 2.0 day 1 @ 15:50

Case study: 5 Broadgate - Introducing a new era of technology for UBS

  • Setting a new standard based on ‘next generation’ services
  • Building the infrastructure: What was needed to get 5 Broadgate ready?
  • Implementing a significant upgrade and seamless migration of services without impacting business or damaging UBS’ reputation
  • Deploying an INS (intelligent network system) and its effect on the approach to program and commissioning of the building

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