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3D Innovations
Who We Are
3Di is a global financial data management consultancy specializing in helping investment managers, investment banks, brokerages, and other companies to gain control over their market, reference and derived data, and optimize processes to unleash data innovation across the enterprise.
Our team of financial data professionals has over 400 years’ experience between them and is spearheaded by senior consultants with highly specific data management expertise and longstanding experience in working with blue-chip financial markets firms.
What We Do
3DI is the market’s only full-service, fully agnostic enterprise market data management software and services company.  The devil of data is in the detail, and our unique approach through content intelligence enables us to deliver value in three major areas:
  • We help customers gain control of their data environments by analysing and implementing market data inventories, and affiliated data analysis tools.
  • We minimise market data costs by assessing data usage across business lines and highlighting duplication, redundancy and data alternatives; and any other possible cost saving changes. To date we have saved our clients some $500 million in data costs, and reduced compliance exposures by a similar amount.
  • We help firms effectively manage the asset of externally procured data, and gain control in a way that is compliant with contemporary licensing practices.  This enables firms to extract maximum value from raw and derived data as it passes through the operational life-cycle of the firm.