Paul White | Head of Compliance
Santander Asset Management

Paul White, Head of Compliance, Santander Asset Management

Paul has been involved in Financial Services for over 34 years and has a broad range of Retail Banking, Wealth and Financial Advisory experience.  Paul has worked with Santander for three years following a period at the Financial Conduct Authority where he was a Firm Supervisor in the Large Retail Banks team conducting proactive engagement meetings with Senior Executives and helping to set the FCA supervisory strategy.  He is particularly interested in finding innovative solutions utilizing FinTech/RegTech and, was involved in the development of Santander’s Digital Investment Adviser, the use of Behavioural Psychology and the interpretation of FCA rules in a digital environment.  Paul is currently Head of Compliance for Santander Asset Management.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 12:10

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The dynamics of regulation and governance compliance in the face of digital transitions

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