Neil Gourlay | Managing Director, Asset and Wealth Management, Accenture UK & Ireland

Neil Gourlay, Managing Director, Asset and Wealth Management, Accenture UK & Ireland, Accenture

Neil Gourlay is a Managing Director at Accenture, leading the UKI Asset and Wealth Management practice.
He has 16 years of experience in Capital markets as well as asset and wealth management, delivering business and technology transformation for institutional and boutique clients.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 10:20

Wealth as a Living Business

  • Wealth Managers have been facing ongoing disruptive challenges to their established business and service models - and most recognise doing nothing is not an option.
  • Changing customer expectations, the rise of digital technologies, the advent of new competitors and ongoing regulation are all making it tougher to compete
  • We believe a comprehensive response is required, which requires Wealth Managers to adopt the attributes of ‘living businesses’, in order to succeed.
last published: 27/Nov/18 11:35 GMT

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