Thomas Achhorner, Global Head of Solutions, Additiv

Thomas Achhorner at Wealth 2.0

John Barrass, Deputy Chief Executive, Wealth Management Association

John Barrass at Wealth 2.0

Pascal Bouvier, Venture Partner, Santander InnoVentures

Pascal Bouvier at Wealth 2.0

Dena Brumpton, CEO, Barclays Wealth & Investment Management

Dena Brumpton at Wealth 2.0

Kirsten Burt, Head of Marketing, U.B.S. Wealth Management

Kirsten Burt at Wealth 2.0

Justin Chapman, SVP Global Head Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Northern Trust Corporation

Justin Chapman at Wealth 2.0

Julien Cuisinier, Head of Portfolio Risk & Analytics, EMEA, Henderson Global Investors

Julien Cuisinier at Wealth 2.0

Giuliano De Rossi, Head of European Quantitative Research, Macquarie Group

Giuliano De Rossi at Wealth 2.0

Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer, B.N.P. Paribas Sa

Thierry Derungs at Wealth 2.0

Ian Dodd, UK Director, Premonition

Ian Dodd at Wealth 2.0

Adam Dodds, Co-founder & CEO, Freetrade

Adam Dodds at Wealth 2.0

Conny Dorrestijn, Member of the Advisory Board, Holland FinTech

Conny Dorrestijn at Wealth 2.0

James Dunne, Head of Digital Investing, Santander

James Dunne at Wealth 2.0

Can Ertugrul, Head of Partnerships, Wikifolio

Can Ertugrul at Wealth 2.0

Luis Felipe Rivera, Chief Operating Officer, Pilatus Bank

Luis Felipe Rivera at Wealth 2.0

Richard Flax, Chief Investment Officer, MoneyFarm

Richard Flax at Wealth 2.0

Clare Francis, Head of Customer Engagement and Content - Smart Investor, Barclays

Clare Francis at Wealth 2.0

Adam French, Founder and Managing Director, Scalable Capital

Adam French at Wealth 2.0

Ophir Gertner, Founder, Invest.com

Ophir Gertner at Wealth 2.0

Daniel Godfrey, Independent Director and Consultant, .

Daniel Godfrey at Wealth 2.0

Alistair Haig, Research and Teaching Fellow, The University of Edinburgh Business School

Alistair Haig at Wealth 2.0

Jono Hey, Head of User Experience, Nutmeg

Jono Hey at Wealth 2.0

Patrick Hunger, Chief Executive Officer, Saxo Bank Schweiz

Patrick Hunger at Wealth 2.0

Pawel Janus, Director of E.T.F. Strategist and Researcher, UBS

Pawel Janus at Wealth 2.0

Gareth Johnson, Head of Managed Investment Services and Divisional Director, Brewin Dolphin Ltd

Gareth Johnson at Wealth 2.0

Gerald Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Growney GmbH

Gerald Klein at Wealth 2.0

Holger Knauer, CEO and CRO, Catana Capital

Holger Knauer at Wealth 2.0

Steve Kowal, Executive Director - Index Business Management, MSCI

Steve Kowal at Wealth 2.0

Chi Lee, Founder, Agenda Invest Ag

Chi Lee at Wealth 2.0

Frederic Lenoir, Chief Marketing, Communications and Innovation, Natixis

Frederic Lenoir at Wealth 2.0

Giulia Lupato, Senior Policy Advisor, PIMFA

Giulia Lupato at Wealth 2.0

Michael Mellinghoff, Managing Director, TechFluence

Michael Mellinghoff at Wealth 2.0

Nick Middleton, Co-Head at UBS SmartWealth, U.B.S. Wealth Management

Nick Middleton at Wealth 2.0

Shauna Mullin, Senior Transformation Manager, Santander

Shauna Mullin at Wealth 2.0

Alvise Munari, Managing Director, Global Client Coverage, MSCI

Alvise Munari at Wealth 2.0

Tom Nash, CEO and CTO, Marketsflow

Tom Nash at Wealth 2.0

Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO, Bambu

Ned Phillips at Wealth 2.0

Charlotte Ransom, Founder and CEO, Netwealth

Charlotte Ransom at Wealth 2.0

Luis Rivera, Co-founder & CEO, ETFmatic

Luis Rivera at Wealth 2.0

Doug Roerden, Vice President for User Experience Design, Fidelity Investments

Doug Roerden at Wealth 2.0

Bryan Sachdeva, VP, Wealth Management Solutions, NexJ Systems Inc

Bryan Sachdeva at Wealth 2.0

Ali Sadr, Chairman, Pilatus Bank

Ali Sadr at Wealth 2.0

Romi Savova, Founder & CEO, PensionBee

Romi Savova at Wealth 2.0

Eram Schlegel, CTO and CPO, CFRA

Eram Schlegel at Wealth 2.0

Chris Sier, Chair, FCA Institutional Disclosure Working Group

Chris Sier at Wealth 2.0

Nick Skinner, Senior Vice President, Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Northern Trust

Nick Skinner at Wealth 2.0

David Slattery, Head of Life Digital, Bank of Ireland

David Slattery at Wealth 2.0

Simon Smiles, Chief Investment Officer - UHNW, UBS

Simon Smiles at Wealth 2.0

Gideon Smith, Europe Chief Investment Officer, AXA Investment Managers - Rosenberg Equities

Gideon Smith at Wealth 2.0

Peter Smith, Global Head of Industry Policy Liaison, TISA

Peter Smith at Wealth 2.0

Ben Stanway, Co-Founder, Moneybox

Ben Stanway at Wealth 2.0

Michael Stemmle, CEO, Additiv

Michael Stemmle at Wealth 2.0

Richard Theo, CEO, Wealthify

Richard Theo at Wealth 2.0

Daniel Thomson, Digital Product Owner – Retail Investments, Lloyds Banking Group

Daniel Thomson at Wealth 2.0

Minh Tran, Founder, Insurtech Capital Fund

Minh Tran at Wealth 2.0

Toby Triebel, CEO Europe, Wealthsimple Inc.

Toby Triebel at Wealth 2.0

Carlo Trugenberger, Founder, SwissScientific Technologies SA

Carlo Trugenberger at Wealth 2.0

Tony Vail, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Wealth Wzards

Tony Vail at Wealth 2.0

Andres Villaquiran, Founder and CEO, Alkanza

Andres Villaquiran at Wealth 2.0

Simon Wilkinson, Operations Director, Tradle

Simon Wilkinson at Wealth 2.0

Matthias Wyss, Head of Product Development, swissQuant AG

Matthias Wyss at Wealth 2.0

Joe Ziemer, Vice President of Communications, Betterment LLC

Joe Ziemer at Wealth 2.0








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