Today, savvy Family Offices & UHNWIs (SFOs) have been moving away from private banking to manage their financial assets as they are looking to increase control and lower management fees. However, alternative solutions have proved unsatisfactory as they remain complex thus expensive. This is what's proprietary technology solves.

Designed by family officers for family officers, it provides SFOs with the uniquely comprehensive set of tools that enable family officers to
- Craft investment strategies based on principals’ asset-liabilities and future constraints thanks to a statistically robust engine, Draastic  
- Source and analyse investments with Alfred, a due diligence bot that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to support family officers research and help minimise downside risks
- Control portfolios and protect upsides thanks to a portfolio insurance algorithm
- Access on-demand, peers-approved independent specialist experts such as tax advisers, country specialists… addresses all the operational hurdles family offices face to manage financial assets internally. It is highly secure, easily deployable and highly customisable. It adapts to any process, requirement and banking or reporting provider.