With plenty of volatility and room in the space, firms are filing in one after another, to get a piece of the crypto pie. The Trading Show Chicago 2019 will cover various crypto exchange networks, custodianship, tapping into the market inefficiencies, crypto havens, datafeeds, and the future of this market.





Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology, Wednesday 8 May 2019

Robert Creamer

Competitive Strategies – harnessing new technologies to stay viable/ahead

Panel discussion

State of the Crypto Market – How will the rise of cryptocurrencies impact portfolios, electronic trading desks and capital markets at large?

  • Institutionalization – what entities are beginning to accept/introduce cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of currency?
  • Regulatory Risks - what developments do risk-averse institutions need to see on the regulatory front to quell concerns about compliance?
  • Product Integration – how will additional financial products like ETFs and crypto futures impact the market?
  • Capital Inefficiencies – is there a better way to manage the necessary capital for bid requests across multiple exchanges?
  • Rebuilding infrastructure – making exchanges more user-friendly for efficient trading
Steve Kurz, Head of Asset Management and Global Distribution, Galaxy Digital

Tokenization and tomorrow's global economy

Panel discussion

Low Latency Components – Building the infrastructure for accelerated trading

  • FPGA vs. ASIC: valuing low cost chips against faster speed processing
  • Software Development: experimenting with coding to construct the fastest system
  • Human Capital: tapping into other industries for the best coding talent
  • Testing, development and integration – what tools and technology are necessary to build and test FPGA and ASIC applications?
Session led by: supermicro
Session led by: solarflare
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Clearing cryptocurrency trades – at what speed will blockchain allow transactions?

Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Mining expenses – finding alternative methods to mine crypto at a lower cost

Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Crypto trading infrastructure – architecting platforms for institutional crypto products

  • Execution: what systems are in place to provide trade certainty?
  • Cloud connection: will trades slow down if moved to off-site servers?
  • Liquidity: how are exchanges keeping up with a rise in volume?
  • Liquidity vs. Volatility: which matters more for institutional traders?
Session led by: fbg-capital
Session led by: libra
Session led by: omniex
Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Crypto Custodians – how is the way digital assets are stored impacting the way cryptocurrencies are traded?

  • Cybersecurity: using cold storage and protocols to safely hold cryptocurrencies
  • Digital Wallets: developing secure keys for on and offline wallets
  • Balance of power: should exchanges be allowed to act as custodians and brokers?
  • Number of Custodians: are digital assets safer with a lesser amount of large institutions holding AUM?
Session led by: bitgo
Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Capitalizing on the inefficiencies in the cryptocurrency markets

  • Identifying the spread: locating arbitrage opportunities between exchanges to maximize bid-ask spreads
  • Reading the chain: what will each coin’s blockchain tell you about its price?
  • Government intervention: what ways can governing bodies impact market efficiencies?
  • Proliferation: how will the continued entry of additional cryptocurrencies be reflected in the markets?
  • Determining the metrics: what statistical indicators provide better insight into the health of a cryptocurrency
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Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology, Thursday 9 May 2019

David Johnston

Blockchain and the financial market – is the revolution coming or is it just hype?

  • Payments – lowering the cost of carrying out transactions
  • Data Infrastructure – using additional nodes for storage and quick access
  • M&A Transactions – greater transparency helping to facilitate takeovers
  • Lending – using blockchain assets as loan collateral
Panel discussion

AI Trading Strategies – How much should we rely on robo-advisors and algorithms to make trades?

  • Discovering the Risks – what should trading companies be most cautious of when it comes to AI?
  • Machine Learning – training the computer to spot the trends
  • Deep Learning – allowing the computer to discover what cannot be seen ourselves
  • Swarm Intelligence – getting machine learning computers to communicate with each other for better market comprehension
Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

International Crypto Centers – why crypto funds and offshore jurisdictions are a match made in heaven?

  • Which countries are setting up preferable environments for the crypto industry?
  • Relocation: how are already existing companies in the crypto space moving out of their countries of origin?
  • Tax Impact: how do these nations impact tax revenue for you and your clients?
  • Competitive Advantage: how are crypto funds benefiting from placement in offshore jurisdictions?
Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Trading Crypto Beyond 2019 – how will cryptocurrencies be traded in the future?

  • High Frequency Trading: developing the systems necessary to trade on a relatively high-latency infrastructure
  • Options: preparing for the buildout of derivatives that allow for less risk
  • ETFs: will the SEC allow for an explosion of crypto exchange traded funds?
  • Security Tokens: which tokens will be tied to tangible assets and how will that impact the market overall?
  • Privacy: how will future tokens avoid being tracked through chain analysis?
Session led by: merkle-data
Session led by: tulip-trading
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Crypto Infrastructure – overcoming technical challenges

Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Tokenizing Securities – using blockchain to trade less liquid assets

Panel discussion
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Volume in Crypto – evaluating the fluctuations in volatility and capital in the space

  • Crypto derivatives: finding additional trading strategies when low volatility prevents max profit out of exchange arbitrage
  • Fluidity: raising additional capital to make the market more liquid
  • STO’s: navigating the landscape of new token offerings and separating the legitimate from the illegitimate
Brian Boonstra
Cryptocurrency & Exchange Technology

Empirical Statistics of Cryptocurrency Returns

Panel discussion

A.I. in Blockchain – how machine learning and other algorithms will impact larger scale applications of distributed ledgers

  • Learning from the ledger – keeping data on the blockchain for better visualization and improve decision making
  • Trade records – looking back in the blockchain to understand trading patterns and trends
  • Risk Management and Safeguards – how is blockchain facilitating in minimizing losses?
Moderator: Agnes Budzyn, Managing Director of Global Growth, ConsenSys
Lou Kerner, Founding Partner, CryptoOracle
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