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Intent HQ is a privacy-first Customer Intelligence Platform optimised for Telcos and their user data. The tricky bit is knowing what customers want and then delivering it at scale. Intent HQ was founded to answer one burning question: how could we help organisations treat every customer as an individual, even with millions of customers? And our answer? By generating the right customer insights using our Customer Intelligence Platform, you can understand each customer as a human and help them on their way.

We are an open, down-to-earth international team. A team of data scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, mountain climbers, foodies and inventors. A team focused on creating a world where customer decisions are smart and helpful, where irrelevant interactions are consigned to the past. In short, a world where there’s human-like understanding of each customer.

We tackle seriously difficult problems at the cutting edge of advanced analytics and machine learning, solving challenging customer problems at scale. If this ignites your own curiosity, get in touch to share your business challenge, or hear about opportunities to join us – we would love to hear from you.





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