Moudhi Aljamea | Vice President and stc Academy Dean
Saudi Telecom company

Moudhi Aljamea, Vice President and stc Academy Dean, Saudi Telecom company

Dr. Aljamea has a PhD in Computer Security Algorithms Design from King’s College London and Msc in IT

with e-business, she is currently stc VP/ academy Dean as the first women who occupies an executive

position in the company and she have a vast experience in cyber and information security. Prior joining

stc, Dr. aljamea was the president of entrepreneurship unit and business incubator and an assistant

Professor in cyber security, and considered as one of the Saudis experts in her field. She was named by

Frobes as one of the Women Defining The 21st Century AI Movement

Her main field of interest is Cyber Security attacks with AI and strategies in the Cyber war. Additionally,

she develops many security algorithms, published several papers on them, and participated in many

conferences around the world giving talks about her areas of expertise She also takes an interest in the

field of Digital Economy and the importance of building digital mindset specially on executive’s level.


Total Telecom Congress 2022 Day 2 @ 14:40

Strategies for addressing the skills gap

-Building the necessary skills within your teams 

-Supporting your customers in skilling up

last published: 27/Sep/22 14:45 GMT

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