Global telecoms Reimagined
Taking a strategic look at the global communications industry to find the answers to the big questions. What makes the modern telco? What is the telco’s future role in the digital ecosystem? How can telcos stay relevant?
THe Sustainable Telco
What does the term “sustainable” mean for the telecoms sector? Covering issues from responsible innovation to digital ethics, from diversity and inclusion to the industry’s green agenda.
Connecting THE Consumer
The customer’s needs are at the heart of every telco’s strategy and the customer is constantly changing. Delivering the best user experience is key to maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded market, whether that’s by delivering the best in-home network with technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 or delivering connectivity to the hardest to reach with satellite, FWA or other wireless technologies.
Enabling enterprise
Exploring how telcos can best support enterprises on their own digital transformation journey through building resilient and secure global network infrastructure.
CONNECTED industries
The use of 5G and the IoT in vertical applications across a myriad of industries is key to the monetisation of next generation networks. The Connected Industries Stage will explore the relationship between telcos and industry verticals as well as the exciting new use cases that are
being developed.
Data is the telco industry’s gold, but how can telcos capitalise on the data opportunity? Key themes for this stage will include monetisation of data, personalisation of customer experience, AI, machine learning and strategies for building trust through the responsible use of data.
MArket Dynamics
The telco market is in a constant state of flux with consolidation becoming a regular theme as telcos look to strengthen their market positions and propositions. The Market Dynamics Stage will explore the global investment context, trends and patterns in M&A activity, and telco supply chain issues.
Future revenue streams
Telcos are increasingly looking beyond connectivity to the next big opportunity. So, what will it be – gaming, finance, health, or something else? New services also mean different partners and competitors as telcos seek to step outside of their comfort zone and into new sectors.
People & Culture
People make a business, and the most successful companies are those who have a company culture which is inclusive and has a diversity of people and ideas. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your business has the right people, with the right skills and the right mindset – from new recruits up to the boardroom.
Cloud & PlatformS
The future is cloud-native. Covering edge computing, XaaS, platform-based business models and new service offerings, the Cloud & Platforms Stage will seek to understand how telcos must evolve to
capitalise on these new opportunities.
The Tech zone
Exploring the latest technology innovations and developments including 5G, Open-RAN, Wi-Fi, FWA, Automation and Cybersecurity.
Startup Stage
Every business starts with an idea, and with investment an idea can go all the way. The Startup Stage gives startups the chance to pitch their idea to potential investors, partners, and customers.




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