Total Telecom Congress Day 1

08:00 Registration opens

Tony Poulos

08:50 Chair's opening address


George Nazi

The industry issue: "Evolving the digital telco

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn

Embracing and adapting to the digital future

Yogesh Malik

Strategies for delivering digital business models

Kaan Terzioğlu

Creating the economies of the future

Bryn Jones

Digital disruption as an incumbent opportunity

Panel discussion

KEYNOTE PANEL: How should the telco evolve in the digital economy?

     After our keynote interviews our CxOs will join a panel where we will explore some of the key issues telcos face in delivering digital transformation including:
  •     How should the telco evolve in the digital society?
  •     Transforming into a digital service provider
  •     The role of NFV and SDN in digital transformation
  •     Building agile, intelligent and responsive networks
  •     Enabling cross-sector digitisation
  •     Dealing with legacy in a digital age 
George Nazi

Capturing the Promise of the Pervasive Network

        In the years ahead, communications services providers have the opportunity to become digital telcos, capturing the promise of the Pervasive Network… the increasing ubiquity of connectivity through devices, sensors and the Internet of Things. To realize this opportunity, CSPs must undertake a significant transformation:
  • Building next-generation platforms and SDN/NFV-powered ecosystems that use an API-driven environment to allow multivendor open automation, while deploying DevOps and Agile methodologies to ensure greater success.
  • Fostering the capability to develop and launch new consumer-facing services around IoT integrations, 5G and NFV, along with internal services that rapidly improve operational efficiency within the CSP itself.
  • Creating and managing agile operations that take advantage of advanced tools to enable real-time service delivery and create the ultimate customer experience, using the smallest operational footprint. 

Speed networking

10:50 Networking refreshments




Track 2

5G, where are we now?

- 5G and the IoT – exploring use cases
- 2017, the year of 5G: What can we learn from the early trials?
- Exploring 5G access architectures, from C-RAN to Massive MIMO
- Collaborative business models
- What are the products and services that are going to require 5G networks?
Harkirit Singh, Director, Tata Communications Transformation Services
Track 3

Data is the new oil: Infrastructure needs of the data explosion

- Exploring the growing importance of data centre capacity in a digital world
- Enabling digital transformation from the data centre
- Understanding the ecosystem
- Providing capacity for cloud, IaaS, and other emerging digital services
- Moving up the IT value chain
Moderator: Vlad Galabov, Senior Analyst, Data Center Compute, IHS Markit
Phillip Radley, Chief Data Architect, BT
Track 1

Evolving your business with strategic M&A

- How can telcos accelerate innovation and growth with targeted M&A?
- Identifying growth industries and technologies
Track 2


Track 3

Digital transformation in a data-driven economy

- Reimagining the telco in the data economy
- Understanding how data can revolutionise business processes
- Data as the foundation of telco digital transformation
- Seizing IoT and big data opportunities with data 

Track 2

Operationalizing 5G: Digital network operating models and drivers for success

- 5G Business Models: New business and collaboration models to deliver B2B ecosystem services, will require end to end service management capabilities from CSPs keeping them center stage of the value chain.
- Architectural Innovation: Network densification and virtualization will require agile “ROI driven” ways to deploy the network. CSP’s will need to exploit the capabilities of full network Cloudification at the core and at the edge with Mobile Edge Computing
- Operations & Management complexity: Network & IT architectures are merging and E2E Services-based operations will be required to adopt Robotics and AI and transform the workforce 



round tables

Roundtables exploring new investment strategies, innovative business models and emerging technologies

  • AI – endless possibilities for the telecoms industry?
  • Are skills shortages holding back the digital telco?
  • Co-investment in new infrastructure roll-out
  • Francesco Liberatore

    Francesco Liberatore, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs

  • Dynamic spectrum access for affordable and accessible connectivity
  • Kalpak Gude

    Kalpak Gude, President, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

  • Exploiting emerging technologies for customer-centric business models
  • Stuart Newstead

    Stuart Newstead, Owner, Ellare

  • Investing in emerging markets – the key to sustainable revenue growth?
  • Rob Bratby

    Rob Bratby, Partner, Arnold and Porter

  • The competition-cooperation paradox: How can telcos reinvent themselves to deliver a culture that can foster digital transformation?
  • Janet Watkin

    Janet Watkin, CEO, Ocean82

  • Will your Network Engineers become Network Scientists?: Discussion about organisational changes enforced by new capabilities of software platforms
  • Wojciech Dziunikowski

    Wojciech Dziunikowski, Head of IA&A Product Management, Comarch

    13:10 Lunch & networking




    Track 1

    How can legislation keep up with the pace of technological change?

    - How can telcos work with regulators to ensure they capitalise on emerging technologies?
    - Regulatory models for a rapidly evolving, digital economy
    Philippa Biggs, Coordinator of Broadband Commission for Digital Development, ITU
    Brian Potterill, Director, Competition Policy, Ofcom
    Track 2

    Taking virtualisation from boardroom hype to the centre of your strategy

    - How can telcos deliver virtualisation?
    - Progress report: What have been the key developments in the last 12 months?
    - Overcoming the problems legacy networks are posing
    Track 3

    Why edge cloud is vital for a digital world

    - Where does the edge need to be to enable next generation products and services?
    - Edge cloud as key to realising 5G and the IoT
    - Can the deployment cost barrier be overcome?
    - Business models for edge cloud
    - Creating the right ecosystem
    Guenter Klas, R&D - Internet and Network Standards, Vodafone
    Dan Warren, Head of 5G Research, Samsung R&D Institute, Samsung
    Phil Tilley, Director of CloudBand and N.F.V Product Marketing, Nokia
    Track 1

    Optimising spectrum regulation in the 5G era

    - How does spectrum regulation need to change to facilitate 5G development?
    - How can we balance spectrum across diverse stakeholders?
    - How do governments socioeconomic ambitions affect the development of mobile networks and technologies?
    - How important is "network diversity"? Do we need to be wary of a 4G/5G "monoculture"?
    Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis
    Track 2

    Reimagining the telco: What does a truly virtualised telco look like?

    - Exploiting SDN and NFV to deliver new products and services
    - Transitioning to a software-based company
    - x-as-a-Service
    - How virtualised can a telco really become?
    Track 3

    Bringing the data centre to the small cell

    - Edge cloud and small cell architectures
    - What products and services can edge computing deliver?
    Track 1

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    Track 2

    Deploying NFV Services

    NFV means using cloud infrastructure and cloud operating models. NFV assumes orchestration - a new approach to service lifecycle management.
    Track 3

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    IoT & M2M


    Track 1

    Learning from lean operating models

    - Exploring the innovations and strategies of low-cost disruptors
    - How do low-cost entrants impact the markets they operate in?
    - Network sharing
    - MVNO models

    Jaime Pla, CEO, Suop
    Atul Dikshit, CSO, Lebara
    Track 2

    Industrial IoT, the key to delivering value in the digital economy?

    - IIoT as key to revolutionising productivity in a digital world
    - Exploring the telco’s role in the IIoT and how they can capture value
    - Private cellular networks
    - IIoT business models
    - The role of eSIM
    Moderator: Chris Lewis, MD, Lewis Insight
    Track 3

    Capturing value in the cloud space

    - Can the telco compete with established cloud providers?
    - Building agile and flexible services
    - UCaaS as a key revenue stream
    Mark Daley, Director, Digital Strategy and Business Development, Epsilon
    Track 1

    The value of partnerships

    - Where should telcos partner with Online Service Providers?
    - What are the areas of the telco business which could benefit most?
    - What type of benefits can be expected?
    Track 3

    Understanding the role of the cloud in digital transformation

    - Cloud infrastructure and services as key to delivering digitisation
    - Delivering digital transformation for your customers
    - Exploring the network requirements 
    Jonathan Bridges, Head of Cloud, Exponential-e
    Track 1

    A new approach to deliver global SD WAN solutions to enterprises

    - Exploring ngena’s progress in delivering hybrid VPN services worldwide, based on a shared network approach
    - The role of SDN and NFV, service orchestration and process automation
    Marcus Hacke, Founder & Managing Director, ngena
    Track 2

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    Track 3

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    16:40 Networking refreshments


    Amitava Das

    Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with AI and machine learning

                 The highly competitive telecom industry is characterized by low margins and fickle customers. To stay competitive, telecom companies have to optimize their operating models, ensure timely order fulfillment, and enhance customer experience. Explore TCS success stories to learn how telecom companies can deploy pre-emptive analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to -
    •     Identify operational bottlenecks and create strategies to improve operational efficiency 
    •     Analyze customer transaction data from multiple sources and apply deep learning to enhance customer experience 
    Panel discussion

    Digital disruption in emerging markets

    •     Delivering digital transformation in emerging markets
    •     Digital products and services
    •     Business model innovation
    •     Seizing the ‘no legacy’ advantage
    Tony Poulos

    18:00 Chair's closing remarks

    18:00 Networking drinks reception

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