Dimelo by RingCentral

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Dimelo enables companies to manage all their digital customer care channels within a single platform.
As a result, agents can manage multiple channels through a unique interface, increasing their response speed, streamlining resources allocation and levelling the flow during peak periods, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction.

Over 13.5 million messages coming from various sources (email, chat, messaging, social media, etc.) are categorized, prioritized and dispatched to customer care agents using Dimelo each month and more than 760 thousand problems are solved.

Companies using Dimelo not only improve their internal processes but are also available exactly where their clients expect them to be. 

Dimelo is based on a SaaS model and benefits from international exposure working with over 200 major players across 46 countries in the Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Utilities and Entertainment industries (Orange, Ooredoo, Deutsche Bahn, Banglalink, Proximus, SFR and many more).


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