Yvonne Lim | Principal, FutureNow Innovation Centre & Singtel 5G Garage
Singtel | Singapore

Yvonne Lim, Principal, FutureNow Innovation Centre & Singtel 5G Garage, Singtel

Yvonne serves as the principal for the Singtel’s FutureNow Innovation Centre, a role she has assumed since the beginning of 2015. A self-confessed geek, Yvonne is responsible for sharing her love and passion for all things tech to the legions of Customers, Partners and key constituents that pass through Singtel every day. She was also recently appointed Head of the new Singtel 5G Garage, a working lab for Enterprises, SMEs and Students to bring 5G to life.
In her role, she curates Singtel Group’s in-flight and aspirational technologies, actively engaging customers and partners in dialogue to co-create solutions that help transform businesses.
With a long career in Public Relations and Communications in industries ranging from Property to Media and Technology, Yvonne prides herself on marrying plain language with cutting-edge technology to deliver innovation dialogue sessions that are dynamic, clear and transformative.
Yvonne has held prior lead roles in Microsoft and Marina Bay Sands in the discipline of Communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology from the National University of Singapore, and in her free time tries to balance her tech obsession by reading fantasy literature. 


Day Two @ 15:20

PANEL: Building an ecosystem to boost innovation

  • Creating a culture that encourages risk taking and rapid iteration
  • Establishing innovation labs – What are the key success factors?
  • Learning from successful players in other industries and third parties
  • All hands on deck – How to encourage all employees buy-in for digital transformation?
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