Worapat Patram | G.S.A. - Global mobile Suppliers Association | Thailand

Worapat Patram, , G.S.A. - Global mobile Suppliers Association

Mr. Worapat Patram is currently a Director of Public Policy, Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) Ltd.  His responsibility is to drive policy developments in Southeast Asia. He works extensively with various government agencies in the region on the development of ICT related policies, particularly on telecommunication, cybersecurity, and privacy policies.
Mr. Patram is also a member of the Global Supplier Association where he has actively participated and contributed to strategize GSA’s position toward spectrum policy in the Asia-Pacific Region. 
Before joining Intel, Mr. Patram was a Director of Regulatory and Technology Development, Office of Commissioners’ Affairs, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in Thailand. His responsibilities included research and policy development to foster growth of the telecommunication industry.
Worapat received both of his Master and Bachelor Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering with the emphasis in digital signal processing and communication from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA.


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