Nitipong Boon-Long | Commercial Director
SUPERNAP (Thailand) Co., Ltd | Thailand

Nitipong Boon-Long, Commercial Director, SUPERNAP (Thailand) Co., Ltd


Day One @ 11:30

Wholesale Leaders’ Panel: Evolution of the wholesale business & Unlocking new growth drivers

Traditional wholesale services are being commoditised, and wholesalers are under increasing price pressure from new OTT players. How are wholesalers responding?
  • New customers, new business models and revenue streams – How are wholesalers adapting to winds of change?
  • What opportunities will virtualisation and software-defined technologies offer to wholesalers looking to innovate?
  • Cross-industry collaboration – What are the initiatives in establishing partnerships with third-party organisations?
  • How will IoT lead to and support shifts in wholesalers’ strategies?
  • Where is the next wave of opportunities?

Day One @ 15:00

PANEL: Insights into Myanmar’s telecoms boom

Myanmar’s telecoms sector is in the midst of an energetic expansion, shaping the economic and social composition of the country. This session will provide insights into partnership opportunities in this growth market.
  • What is the current telecoms landscape in Myanmar?
  • Key drivers behind such rapid growth
  • Plans for infrastructure rollout and service provision
  • Tapping rural areas - What are operators’ strategy in gaining market share?
  • What opportunities of growth does Myanmar’s telecoms market offer?
last published: 19/Mar/19 10:45 GMT

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