Nanami Isowa | Manager, Iot Office
NTT Communications | Japan

Nanami Isowa, Manager, Iot Office, NTT Communications

NTT Communications or NTT Com, is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, the largest telecommunications company in Japan and one of the largest worldwide. NTT Com provides network management, security and solution services to consumers, corporations and governments.
NTT Com's IoT platform "Things Cloud (R)" is a programming-less service that can be use by customers who are not familiar with IT and highly compatible with any industry.

Nanami Isowa started her career in NTT Communications and working at IoT office department. She is in charge of IoT market research, promotion and sales support. By promoting the solution of "Things Cloud (R)", she is introducing IoT in the business, which increases innovation and the efficiency of production in the company. Especially, she creates added value by providing integrated solution with NTT's strong network.

In the presentation, she will introduce the trend of the IoT market and the latest use case of IoT in Japan.


Day One @ 15:00

Achieving DX through utilizing IoT

last published: 22/Mar/19 02:05 GMT

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