Monsinee Keeratikrainon | Managing Director
Accenture Thailand | Thailand

Monsinee Keeratikrainon, Managing Director, Accenture Thailand

Dr. Monsinee is the Managing Director of the Products unit at Accenture Thailand. She has completed a Ph.D in Telecommunications from Temple University and a Certificate in Digital Transformation from MIT Sloan School of Management. She has published an international book and taught ICT-related courses in many universities in Thailand. She has engaged in many large-scale digital tranformation projects while designing and executing change/tranformation workshops for both private and public sectors. Her latest work was leading the transformation and restructuring of digital assets for two largest state enterprises in Thailand


Day Two @ 16:00

PANEL: Reshaping the customer experience with digitalisation

last published: 21/Mar/19 09:15 GMT

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