Daniel Chae | Head Of Network Analytics (Senior Data Scientist / Research and Development Manager)
SK Telecom | Republic Of Korea

Daniel Chae, Head Of Network Analytics (Senior Data Scientist / Research and Development Manager), SK Telecom

Currently developing AI-based TANGO(Telecom Advanced Next Generation OSS) in SK telecom, and having a collaboration with Airtel(India) for deploying TANGO in India. Experienced senior data scientist with a demonstrated history in the telecommunications industry, and skilled in big data analytics, machine learning, wireless communications systems, and signal processing. Had worked in Samsung Electronics as senior engineer, and joined SK telecom in 2014. Pursuing  and exercising network operational excellence to satisfy customers’ requirements, and trying to reduce CAPEX/OPEX. AI-based network analytics is believed one of solutions for this purpose.


Day Two @ 15:20

Case Study: TANGO – SK Telecom’s AI-assisted network operation system

  • Application of TANGO to all telecommunications network of the company
  • How does the system utilise machine learning technology?
  • What benefits have TANGO delivered to the company?
last published: 23/Mar/19 16:25 GMT

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